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I know I didn't take the normal ILP Pre-pro route, but I went ahead and purchased a website from portfoliositez a few days ago. I've done my share of practice sessions, and recently I've run into several people who are interested in getting pictures done after seeing my work, so I decided to go ahead and get the website so that I could print up some business cards and start handing them out to those who are interested.
I've started the process of getting my tax ID as well, so hopefully, this is the start of my photography business.

I'd love for you to check out my site and let me know what you think. I know some of the images are weaker than others, so please let me know if I should pull some out. I'm offering a very large portfolio building discount, so hopefully I'll have some takers and be able to replace some of the pictures that are there, plus add a lot more.
I still need to make a logo, so that is on my list next.

Also, does anyone have a sample client release form that you'd be willing for me to glance at?

Thanks for any feedback I can get.

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I think it looks great.