Wedding Pictures (Pic Heavy) added some

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Wedding Pictures (Pic Heavy) added some

Hello ladies!

I'm not sure if anyone remembers that a few months ago I had a friend ask me to take pictures of her wedding. Well, it was this past weekend and I just wanted to share some that I took. I had a hard time deciding on which ones to share. I was pleased with how many "good" ones I was able to capture. I'm still learning and growing, so I know they aren't all perfect. CC always welcome, but I don't have enough time to put info for each picture. I can list specifics later for any you want to know about. Some I have also included additional edits of. I'd love to hear thoughts on how I did. TIA. Smile











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I think you did a fantastic job. I'd be happy with these. I don't really like the edits 6 & 8 and I think 9 needs a bit more contrast. Otherwise, nice.

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Some lovely pics here, Danielle!

#1 - Beautiful colour and clarity on this shot. Any chance you would crop this a little more to change the comp? I'm finding my eyes do land on the rings first, but are immediately pulled down to the peacock feathers as they're a bold colour. (What an exotic bouquet she had!)

#2 and #4 - Not sure about the sharp angles, though you've captured a great moment in #4 and the bouquet looks beautiful in #2.

#5 is a sweet expression. Looks like a very happy bride! A little more light in the eyes would be nice, perhaps to have turned her body somewhat to catch some light. But it's a lovely shot. I like the original rather than the edit. In the #6 edit and in #8, I like the feel of the edits, but the colour is off. Looks a bit oddly gray or muddy somehow.

#7 - Lovely back view of her dress!

#9 - I would like this in B&W but think it needs a bit of work on the conversion. Seems like some detail is being lost in the folds of the dress in this conversion.

#10 - Lovely sharpness and great feel.

One question, though: where is the groom???!!! Smile

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I like #1, very beautiful. I agree though that the rings are slightly "lost" in the pic.

#2--angle is not pleasing to me, but oh my what a beautiful bouquet.

#3---I think this display could have used a horizontal composition.

#4--again I am not a fan of the heavy angles. Also this feels more like a snapshot.

#5 is a very sweet pose & expression, but she needs more light on her face and in her eyes, and the crookedness of the pic is distracting me. Is the edit supposed to be vintage-like? I am not sure about it.

#7 is fine. A nitpick would be the tree "coming out of" her head.

#8-9--not sure I like the edits.

#10 expression is too fakey/posed for my taste. I would much prefer seeing her kissing her groom Smile

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Thanks ladies!

I do have a diff version of 1, where the peacock feathers are less distracting. But that was the central theme to the wedding decorations, so I did want it to be the 2nd place to pull the eyes. I'm giving her all of the pictures, so she'll have her choice.

I am personally a fan of the odd angles, and she's seen some I've taken like that and loved them. I do have others that are the more traditionally vertical/ horizontal.

I was going for a more vintage/ muddy type feel for the edits-- not sure why, but it just came to mind. I have some "cleaner"edits too.

The edits for 8&9 I actually softened (lowered clarity of) the RAW image. I have always loved the soft focus look. I'll go ahead and do a bw edit from the original.

And where was the groom... ?? He forgot his tux and wasn't ready for pictures before the wedding. :rolleyes: I'm slowly working through all of my "keepers". If I have time, I'll work on a few of them together later tonight to post. And I'll get some of the other versions of the odd angles/ edits up too.

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Wedding pics are hard in my opinion!

1. My eye goes STRAIGHT to that round spot on the feather. I would maybe crop it a bit more with just a tad bit of the feather. I realize what you were going for, but the feather takes too much of the focus away.
2. Not fond of the angle either, but it is a gorgeous bouquet!
3. I have to agree with Amy here on a horizontal version. Can we see that?
4. I feel like she's about to slide out of the photo. The angle doesn't work here.
5&6. I do not like the 2nd edit. With weddings, I think a B&W or a clean edit is needed to showcase the true colors of the day. I love the expression you got here. I would maybe dodge a bit of her face to brighten it some. Or add some fill flash.
7 & 8 & 9. Again, don't like the 2nd edit. Great sun flare and beautiful dress! I like the color edit better. If the dress was plain white, the B&W might work ok, but b/c there is color, I like the color version better.
10. I totally understand you don't have the groom, but I agree, it's a bit too posey...almost like she misses him you know?

All and all- great job! Keep practicing!

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i havent had a whole lot of time to go through the pictures and do more edits, but wanted to go ahead and post these four.