Wedding Pictures (pic heavy, can't help it)

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Wedding Pictures (pic heavy, can't help it)

Okay, I'm finally done the wedding pictures ... just in time for my maternity shoot in 3 hours. ROFL I'm sure I'll go back and re-edit some of these. But for now, I am DONE!

Here's the link to the set on Flickr - there are some duplicates because of different edits. I edited over 200, I have 99 on Flickr. I'm sending disks to the moms of the bride and groom. The mom of the bride is my favorite cousin, and this is my gift to her, so to speak. She will probably never know the number of hours I put into this, but that's okay.

Okay, have to share a couple of things before you see the pictures.

1. My dad was looking at these on Friday (I wasn't done yet, but had about 2/3 of them complete). He said, "wow, these are so much better than my pictures!". Gee, Dad, really? I sure hope so. Ugh. He has a PnS and he doesn't even bother to focus. He pushes the shutter button and just hopes for the best. I love my dad, but I couldn't believe he said that. It was like he was surprised that mine were better.

2. The second shooter was amazing. He took the time to help me, especially with my speedlite. Everything I learned that day was due to him. I'll share the biggest tip - when shooting indoors with the speedlite (not sure if it's in all situations, but definitely applied to the church that day), set the ISO to 400, AP to 4-4.5, and SS to 1/30. Once I started doing that, my pictures really turned out amazing (provided my flash fired, but that's another story). At the reception, he suggested that I increase my SS to 1/15 because it was more dark - but that didn't help in most situations. I got a lot of OOF pictures when I did that. I think his flash was stronger than mine to freeze the motion.

3. The whole day was awesome. I mean, it didn't start out great. The fire alarm went off in our hotel at 5am ... caused by lightning hitting the building. It was pouring rain. It rained up until the wedding start time. We were supposed to do outside pictures before going to the church. But it all went fine despite the rain. I took a bunch of pictures in the hotel room ... where the lamp behind everyone made editing REALLY DIFFICULT! I'm interested in seeing the photographer's pictures from that set. Then after the wedding, I rode with the wedding party on the limo bus to a garden in St. Louis. It started sprinkling when we got there, but then cleared up for the pictures. The reception started 3 hours after the wedding, and I never got lunch with all of the photography going on. Lol Totally worth it though!

Okay, that's more than enough rambling from me. I just had a great time, learned a lot, and am happy with my pictures. The photographer was nice, but there wasn't much time for me to do anything on my own with the bride. He took most of her time. I did get her to pose for me a few times without him around. Wink

I'll number if you want to comment or offer any advice but I'm not posting settings for all of them.

1. At the rehearsal dinner


2. the dress

IMG_6915 copy

3. In the hotel room

IMG_6946 copy_filtered

4. I really wanted more light in her eyes, but she really didn't want to pose, so I took what I could get

IMG_6922 copy 2

5. The lamp was right behind them ... ay yi yi

IMG_6968 copy copy

6. The photographer didn't get this at all, lucky me! It's the father of the groom and his other son's wife


7. Brothers of the bride


8. I'll probably redo the PP on this one ...

Exposure: 0.04 sec (1/25)
Aperture: f/4.0
Focal Length: 30 mm
ISO Speed: 400

IMG_7195 copy copy

9. Just love this one

IMG_7302 copy copy

10. I don't know if the photographer got this ... this is the groom wiping away his tears during his vows. No flash during the ceremony so I struggled with light.

IMG_7106 copy copy_filtered

11. Boys will be boys

IMG_7277 copy

12. DH thought I should delete this one. He didn't get it. I was thinking that she's looking towards her future ... how's the vignette?

IMG_7410 vignette

13. His last name is Flowers, I was being funny taking a picture of him WITH the flowers. Wink
IMG_7535 sunshine copy

14. How do you feel about the PP?

Exposure: 0.004 sec (1/250)
Aperture: f/4.0
Focal Length: 30 mm
ISO Speed: 200

IMG_7532 copy

15. A different crop ...

IMG_7532 copy copy

16. I did a lomo action on this for fun

IMG_7499 lomo

17. Another funky action called "lovely and ethereal" - does it work?

IMG_7499 ethereal

Okay, I know that was a lot, but it was really hard to pick even that few to post. If you looked at them all, THANK YOU!

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How fun!!! And what a great learning experience! I'm going to comment on the things that stand out to me. Smile

#3 I just love. The lighting is lovely and it captures such a romantic mood. She is too centered for my liking though.

#4 I also love--though did you do eye/teeth brightening? It's either that or too much contrast in the edit, which comes through in some orange in her skin.

#5 is very sweet!

#9 is great, I love the comp! Great job!


#12 I'm torn. I do think the vignette is way too much--tone it down just a bit, though I do think a vignette is fitting in this picture. I me it looks like she's having a conversation with someone else out of view. I feel a bit disconnected from her.

#15 I really like! I think the horizon might be SLIGHTLY crooked?

I MUCH prefer the lovely and ethereal action on the last one. Nice and bright! I don't like how muted the other one is for such a fun photo--doesn't fit the mood, you know?

Fun pictures!

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Hi Gwen - What a great experience you had! I can't even imagine how much time a wedding shoot takes to PP!! I am not gonna comment on color cause I have been getting warnings from my callibration program for a few weeks now to recallibrate (gotta make time and just do it!). Anyways, heres my thoughts:

1. I like. Nice focus.
2. Good exposure. I would have totally blown the sky if I had tried to take that pic! Good job!
3. This one looks good! I don't mind it centered. If I had to be picky I'd say I wish the poles from the curtains weren't in the pic or so close to her face. Sad
4. I dunno if its my screen or not, but my eye goes directly to the window. I think it may be blown? I feel like it takes away from the subject.
5. Great capture, but it looks a tad soft to me. Good job working with that lamp behind them!
6. Love this one. Lighting and dof looks good to me.
8. This one looks a tad dark to me and I think its tilted slightly to the right?
9. Hands down my favorite of the group. LIghting looks really good and comp is great.
12. I'm not usually a fan of vingette. I'm not feeling it for this one...although lots of people really like vingette, so it could just be me! I wish we could see a tad more of her face.
14&15. I like the crop in 14, but the pp better in 15. I do think the horizon is slightly tilted in both. (leaning toward the right)
17. Really like the action in this one!!

What lens did you end up using? Just curious if you were changing lenses at all or just stuck to one. Way to go, I think you did a great job with these, and it looks like it was fun, yet alot of work! Glad to hear it was a good learning experience!

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These are great Gwen. I think you've gotten great CCs. The only other thing I would like to add is to straighten some of the pictures: 7, 10, 13, and 14 look like they are leaning to the right.

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These are great. I really love #4 and #6. Lovely work.

14 and 15 look like they are tilting to the right.

#12...I'm kinda with your DH on this one. I'm not in love. Perhaps if the groom were out of focus where she was looking. Also not liking the vignette on this one. It's a bit too dark.

Much prefer 17 over 16.

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I love the Lovely and Eretheral action! I'd love to see some of these in Black and White as well

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I think you did a great job! I can't give a lot of CC but I especially like number 9 & 14! I too agree that a couple of them are tilted but I think they'll be happy with the photos you got non the less! Smile

Great job!

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thanks girls! will work on some of those with CC tomorrow. thanks for noticing the tilt, it was late when I got to those last night and I guess I missed that. fixed the tilt on a a LOT of pictures Lol

the moms of the bride and groom are thrilled! but I have to check on some of the color. I got a few printed at Costco, just to see how they'd come out. and I'm not sure. the flower girl shot looks muddy in the print. they're all sRGB ... what a pain!

and I'm going to play with the strong vignette one. I did crop her, but she's not really looking at anything - I think she was just taking a moment.

Jen - I wanted to convert a few to b&w, but I just didn't know which ones to pick. I need to take a mental break and revisit in a few days to convert some. Smile

Meagan - I agree that the flower girl looks orange. I think I did whiten her teeth a little. there was a cast of orange all over that room (the walls, the decor) so I'm sure that's a factor. definitely need to play with that one some more.

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That was awesome.

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Here are my favs and some CC on them-

9) love the whole shot on this one. Amazing!
15) LOVE this crop and the whole shot. The tilt didn't bother me, but I can see why it would some.
17) This action I like better. Makes them all pop. Biggrin

You did an amazing job. They are all great pics, but these were my fav! TFS!

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Wow!! You did great!! I bet she's going to be so happy with these! I was scrolling along remembering numbers to say which ones I love..... and I lost count because there were so many! Smile

I love that you caught the groom wiping away his tears, and with no flash... awesome! I think 12 has potential, just maybe with less vignette and a different crop.. maybe with her more to the right?

I love 3 and 9.. I think those are my favs! Oh, and I like 17 better than 16. It looks better with more color POP to me. Maybe you can crop it so there's more grass and less sky, though?

I have to say it again, though, awesome job!!

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what stood out to me:
-#8 & 9, the lamp in 9, them
-I personally prefer the colouring of 17 than 16...i like how the red pops more
- i get what you're going for in #12, but maybe if you were a bit to the left so slightly more of her face was showing, and for me the vignette seems a bit dark
i think you did some great work here Gwen, kudos to you! Smile

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LOVE 4 but also 6, 8, 9 & 12

Well done

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"IronMate" wrote:

What lens did you end up using? Just curious if you were changing lenses at all or just stuck to one. Way to go, I think you did a great job with these, and it looks like it was fun, yet alot of work! Glad to hear it was a good learning experience!

I used my 30mm, it's just my sharpest and fastest lens. I was wishing for a zoom lens so badly!!!!! I did bring my kit lens and did change lenses a couple of times, but I mainly stuck with the 30mm

Here's a rework on the vignette, better? Smile

IMG_7410 2 copy

I need to fix the tilt on those others ... and there are more from that set that I'm sure have the same tilt. grrrrrrr Gotta get through the maternity photos first (and share some of them, I have a LOT of lessons learned from that Sad )

Thanks again for all of the CC, definitely helps!

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Gwen you did great! Smile what a great learning experience .... hard to pick a fave.