Wedding this Sunday

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Wedding this Sunday

I am no means an expert, but my friends, awhile back have asked me to shoot their wedding this Sunday. I am nervous as heck. I am going to their rehearsal this Saturday to scope out the area. The ceremony is indoors. I am hoping that there is a lot of windows for natural lights. But I am sure the tungsten lights will be on.

I will be mainly using my 70-200mm lens on my camera along with my speedlight with a diffuser.

I have my old Rebel XT which I would like to use as a back-up (I know this is a no-no, I should have the same quality body) and I will have my 16-35mm lens on that.

I also bought 2 extra 8 gig card. I have an extra battery for my camera to bring and will have several double As for the flash.

I will be bringing my 100mm and 85mm for some cake or ring shot. And my tripod and monopod for the big lens.

Any other suggestion on what I should be bringing, setting, poses, etc?

My friends know that this is my first time ever shooting a wedding at 21 weeks pregnant. It is a small wedding and they don't want pressure on me. And they are very grateful to have me doing this for free for them. I am definitely feeling the pressure here. But knowing their expectation helps ease the pressure a bit.

Any words of encouragement is welcome! Smile

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First off take a deep breath!! You will do great. You sound well prepared and you will do great! Make sure to throw in a bottle of water and a snack for yourself. And, by all means, have fun and enjoy yourself!

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No advice, but wanted to wish you luck!

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I am sure you are going to Rock it :headbang:

Can't wait to see the results


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You will be fine El! Try not to be nervous and just have fun with them.
Ask them for a list of "must have" portraits. That will help you keep organized and give you an idea of their expectations.

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How many hours are you shooting for? You might want to pick up some more cards just in case! The photog I work with in the summer brings 8 - 4GBs and 4 - 2GBs and comes close to shooting them all during a long full day if it's a big wedding. I know it's not a big one, but make sure that you've got at least 20GBs just in case, it's easy to snap away to get the perfect shots!

Make sure that you take some shots ahead of time in the church to balance your ambient light and flash.

If at all possible, find out exactly which family posed portraits they want. That way, it saves the stress of having everyone and their dog jump in. That part of the formalities can totally zap the energy out of the B&G, so it's good to be able to run through the list bang bang bang and move on!

If it's a long wedding, bring your battery charger and when you get to the reception, swap batteries right away and start charging, just in case. Make sure that you have at least another full set of batteries for your flashes!

The most important advice is to make sure that you stay in charge! It's easy for wedding party members and MILs to jump in and say - "how about this shot, what about this, you have to get this one" - Be confident and have a plan in your head and you'll do great!

The best advice I can give after assisting and 2nd shooting for 30 weddings is to not stress about making every shot as amazing as an album cover. Take good, solid pictures, make sure you capture everything, pour your creativity in to the time with the B&G together, and don't get flustered!

Have fun!

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I'll give you the advice I got from the wedding photographer I shadowed ... when using your speedlite, use ISO400 and f/4-4.5. Best advice ever, the pictures came out great. However, I wasn't using any zoom at all, that was fixed focal length stuff.

Have a list of things you don't want to forget, and make sure you know what portraits they want in addition to anything fun you think of. And have fun!!!! I'm excited for you!

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Thanks everyone. Here are some pictures of the rehearsal, which was outside. The actual wedding will be indoors.

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my vote is you can't have enough batteries for the speedlight.

I use the blue energizers and normally they get so hot from the constant flashing that I have to switch them before they are out of juice, so I can put them in my pocket and switch back when the second set is hot.

I never have time to look at the list.. maybe I should make time! But if these are friends of yours then remind them help you make sure you got everyone.

For formals, I try to start with the biggest groups possible (i.e., family of the bride or family of the groom) and then start taking people out of the shot.

Try and do grandparents first so they can sit down.

Best wishes to you!