Welcome Baby Jackson "Cole" - 2 pics

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Welcome Baby Jackson "Cole" - 2 pics

Jackson "Cole" was born on November 13th at 37 weeks. I went into "preterm" labor due to Chorio...an infection of the amniotic sac and fluid. Luckily, it didn't pass to him and after a few days in the hospital we were released. Unfortunately, we were readmitted for another day due to Jaundice when he was 5 days old and have been working on recovering since.

Wasn't able to do a shoot with him until today at 13 days old. He is still a sleepy boy, but has no interest in curling or sleeping today! Going to try again tomorrow, but here's what I was able to pull out before he was bright-eyed....



I've never done any work with newborns before and really had no idea what I was doing. Not sure how they turned out and am totally open to any suggestions Smile Thanks everyone and Happy Thanksgiving!!

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congrats Smile he's cute.

Did you do any pp? the head looks a tad off, maybe smoothed out? can't really explain
love the first pose. can you post your settings?

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Congrats Judy on your little bundle of joy!!!

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Congrats!!! Love his name Wink Beautiful!

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Awe he's a beauty, am I reading right that he was born the day before your daughter's birthday?

Congrats, I think you did awesomely!


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Thanks ladies! I don't have my settings with me but I'm pretty sure I was shooting 1/60, 2.8, iso 200 and bouncing flash off ceiling for some oompf. Pp was just a curves layer, a color balance layer to get rid of some of the extra yellow and resize+sharpen.

Cazz - lol. Yep! Good catch! Couldn't have planned that if I tried! I was so glad they had their own birthdays. I was pretty upset that I couldn't be with Raegan on her birthday though because of the h1n1 restrictions at the hospital. Sad

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Cute, I'd add more contrast.

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Congratulations! He is adorable and I am glad to hear that you all are doing well!

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CONGRATS! He is adorable! Looks like you are on the right track for pics!

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First off ... CONGRATS! He's so beautiful!

Oh, I love that first shot! That's a birth announcement shot, imho. Smile

I can't wait to see your next set!