Welcome your new cohost!

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Welcome your new cohost!

Hi all,

Please join me in welcoming Stephanie (Ladybugsteph) as she joins with Gigi (acarbo99) to host this group! Please let them both know if you have new ideas, suggestions, or feedback for either the board or the site! Smile

Thanks again Stephanie for your help and Gigi -- for your many efforts that have continued to keep this board active! I know the two of you already are a great team!

~Missy (missyj@pregnancy.org)

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That's awesome, I've often thought Gigi & Steph would be a great moderating team!

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YES! I agree! Two wonderful women!

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YAY! It's official!

Steph has been doing everything in my absence anyway. I'm so glad she's all the rights & privs now to go along w/ the rest.

YAY Steph!


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Yay Steph!

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Aw, thanks guys! I love this board and you wonderful ladies, and I'm looking forward to hosting with GiGi!

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Awesome. I hope more people would lurk out to get this board going again!

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Yay Steph! I haven't been on this board for a looong time, but wanted to say 'way to go' when I saw this. I hope after my LO gets here I have time to come back. I miss playing with my camera!