Well, since everyone is coming out of the woodwork

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Well, since everyone is coming out of the woodwork

I may as well join in too. I've been gone mostly due to personal things. I have been making a baby blanket for Meagan, shooting a couple newborns that have popped up in my developement and getting the kids ready for school. Oh, then there is my very dear friend that is having preterm issues and some personal issues with my church that really have me down in the dumps.

BUT the good side of things is that I've gottne back into running full force and that helps to relieve stress when I am not taking pictures.

Amber, Austin is a couple hours away, but I would totally have driven it to meet you! Please let me know ehn you're intown and we'll come down for a day!

Here is a share of some of the stuff I've been working on. I always appreciate cc...especially since it's been hard to get any lately. But it's just nice to pop in and se some of ya'll that I've missed. :bighug:

Thanks for looking! Biggrin

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Oh, Kelly...these are beautiful! I really love #1 and #2 especially. I'm totally jealous that you got the head prop...I haven't managed to do that yet. The last one could use a different crop I think. I'd get rid of the dead space on the left to get the baby's eyes in the top left third of the frame. You should be able to cut off a little of that flower without it looking strange.

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I love them all esp the piano shot! I do have to admit the cord stump kinda threw me and yucked me out a little. You would think that I don't have any kids! But if it were my own kid I think that it would be a shot that I would love to have (just maybe not to hang up on the wall as a 10x13!)

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AWE! Look at those! They are lovely!

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'bout time you reappeared, girl!

I know how busy you are, but it's great to see you here.

That piano shot is a neat idea! Were you scared of the baby falling? I would have been! I bet mom was real close by. And I just love that little tongue in the last one!

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I love the cord picture! I think its sweet and a reminder of how little they really are. I adore #1 and #4 as well! This monitor at work is awful for lighting and coloring, but the pic with the bear hat-the baby's face seems a bit darker than I would like.

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Glad to see you posting... I haven't been around much either - just so busy.
Thes look really good Kelly! I love #1 and #5. I hope I get a sleepy newborn someday!

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Love these!! I have 2 newborn PB sessions soon and I'm getting more excited seeing these! My favorites are the first one and the last two!!!! Awesome job girl!

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omg i just love the last one with the tongue great job

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Welcome back! 1 & 5 are my favs! Thanks for sharing!

Way to go getting back into the running! I have started up as well again! Its a GREAT stress reliever. Do you train for races, or just run for the fun of it?

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Thanks guys. I'm gonna try and re-crop some of them per the suggestions. It's sooooo nice to have a few fresh sets of eyes to look over things. Smile

Jess, I actually train for races. I started in 07 when I did my first 5k on the 4th of July. I was training for a marathon when I found out I was pregnant with Matt. After I had Matty, I did a 5k in September and had some major problems that required surgery(that was in November of 08'. I couldn't run till after I healed up. So here I am running 5-8miles each mid-week run and 9-10 on my long runs. I have a half scheduled Oct. 3rd in Odessa, a half scheduled November 15th in San Antonio, a full marathon Dec. 13th and another full on Feb. 27th 2010. Sounds like a blast, huh? Wink

Sorry for the novel! I just really love running. I've told Kevin that photography gives me passion and makes me feel creative while running makes me feel strong and powerful. The two together are a pretty darn good combo!

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Good luck with the marathons!!! I love running, I've only ever ran one 5k but it was great, I'd love to do more. Now that Gillian is in pre-k I have a few hours when Isaac is napping so I've gotten back on the treadmill. I'd MUCH rather be outdoors, but it's too hot, I'm a wimp and it's better than nothing Smile in the fall though I want to be outside. but what a difference to get back into it after a couple hectic, stressful months with no time to run. I hear ya!