Whacha think?

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Whacha think?


Fbook link to some photos....

I am editing the ones that she chose from the 50 or so that I had. So I have 22 to edit (only finished 6 so far)

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She's very sweet! What a pretty spot and a pretty dress!

My favourite is probably this one, as you can see her face in profile nicely and I like her touching the flower.

It looks like it was pretty tough light out there for you, very bright and contrasty. It makes it hard to get the exposure right, without blowing parts or making the face too dark. You might try shooting in the golden hour next time, just to make all of that a little easier, and the light then is so pretty. (Though I have a hard time getting out during golden hour often, so I understand it can be a challenge!)

My favourite spot for exposure and just because it's so pretty is the shot where the black fence is in behind. If you could've sat her on the grass so she wasn't moving, had the fence at a bit of an angle, it looks like it'd have been a great spot. In the shot you got, it's sweet, but you just want to bump up your shutter speed next time, as she's a bit blurry.

I'm sure the mom will like them; she does really look so sweet!

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What a cutie! I can see why you have so many to edit and I know mom is going to go nuts for these.


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Isn't she adorable! Great job on getting her just being her and interacting with the flowers. A couple of things to keep in mind for next time is to watch the background, and to find softer lighting. I'm finding that the background kind of competes for the attention, rather than adding to the image. For instance, I'm looking at the gazebo, the flags, the rocks, and the fence, rather than focusing on her. I hope that makes sense!

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I'd love to know more information about the session. Were you paid for the session? Is the girl related to you, a friend, a stranger? It would be helpful to know a bit more. Also, it would be really helpful if you could ask for specific guidance. Do you need help with composition, exposure, focus, etc...?

#1. She's an adorable girl in an adorable dress. This lighting is tricky. She's in shadow and the rest of the scene is full sun. This has resulted in her face being underexposed. There is no light in her eyes. Composition wise....I wish you had stepped back a touch.

#2. The focus is off and there is no connection with the subject. Your subject is underexposed again.

#3. You've blown her skin and the dress, the lighting is harsh, and there is a truck in the background. Work on learning to see the light and keep your background in mind.

#4. The biggest problem here is the motion blur being caused by a too slow shutter speed. Watch your settings. With children the shutter speed needs to be at least 1/125....faster if you are using a telephoto lens. The 2nd biggest problem is the leg chop. This would have been much better if you had backed up (or zoomed out) a touch. The lighting in this image is problematic as well. You have strong shadow on her face and strong sunlight blowing out her arms and dress. Perhaps schedule the session for a better time of day next time, or learn how to shoot with backlighting.

#5. My least favorite of the bunch. There is no connection with the subject, the subject is a bit out of focus. The little girl's body position is odd....not sitting, not standing...falling? You're still having issues with the harsh lighting conditions. It would have been better had you moved a bit to the left and gotten her backlit instead of allowing part of the harsh sunlight to land on her face.

#6. My favorite of the bunch. I don't like the sepia edit, but the color one is good. The composition is the best of them all, though you did chop a pinky. She's still a bit underexposed, but it's not as bad as the first one.

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I didn't get paid for the session. I did it to practice since it's my first time really doing photos of anyone else but family. I just barely got through my manual and am trying to fidget with the settings. the time of day was AWFUL. I couldn't help it. They were going out of town in the afternoon and they woke up at 9 so I met up with them at 10 and had to get my husband at 11:30.

This little girl totally hated being photographed. She didn't want to sit still at all. Part of her age (she's 18 months). Anytime I got everything set up just right she would get grouchy and want to move and run around. It was very challenging. What do you suggest for situations like these? I don't think I sat still one bit because I was constantly running after her.

In a case with harsh lighting since I don't have an external flash or anything like that should I turn flash on manually so that it goes off? I'm completely new to this game!

Editing was one of the hardest parts for me... but I think I did decent for it being really a first time. I'd have to show the orginials to show what a huuuge difference it is. lol I hope to get better sooner at the SOOC and then also at editing.

I am going to try to set something up in my house as well so I can practice some more at home. but with the next people I shoot for free I will definitely try to get at a better time of day. The golden hours are like just after dawn and right before dusk right?

Thank you all so much for your input. I really appreciate it. I know it looks total amateur. My DH thinks it's great but I know better lol.