what did I do wrong here??
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Thread: what did I do wrong here??

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    Default what did I do wrong here??

    I know this is mommy goggles, but I adore this photo. Just wish I could "pop" it more. The haze is getting to me. She was on the swing and I wanted to capture her being herself and not posing. What should I have done differently?

    1/500, ISO-400, f/3.5

    And I just had to share this one b/c he's too cute. Snot, dirt, food and all!

    Oh and yes, I am working on a new watermark. Frustrated b/c I can't get it quite what I want it to be....
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    Oh I love that photo! I have no idea how to process haze though, so I'll be watching this thread.

    And Randy is just too darn cute!
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    They're BOTH so cute!!! I am with ya on the watermark, I've been meaning to make one for a few months now and still haven't done it. LOL.

    No idea how to process the haze, I am thinking to go with some more vintage colors? That way the whole picture has a different vibe? Sorry I can't be more help, it's a great capture!

    ~ Kaci

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    Look at all that beautiful haze!

    Not sure what you want to do....but if it were me, I'd add some red as the photo is a touch cyan. You can also darken the darks using curves or levels to decrease the effect of the haze. I'd also bump up the saturation a touch...but you know me...I love my color.
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    to get rid of the haze, you should add more blacks in ACR ... but you don't really want the added blacks totally on her. I'd do two versions in ACR, and then mask Ruthie out of the version with more blacks.

    you want to use a reflector in a lighting situation like that.

    and Randy is too cute!!! (some fill light in ACR would brighten his eyes a little)

    I know I've been MIA on this board, I miss seeing all of the shots like this but I've been overly short on time and haven't really been posting anywhere.
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    What great shots, Sadie! Your daughter is beautiful! I had haze issues last week, myself, so I was really interested to see what people said! You'll have to show us your edits with the recommendations people have given. I'd love to see how they turn out.

    Love the one of your DS, too! He is too cute!! All boy, that's for sure!
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