what do I get?

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what do I get?

Ok, we are getting back a bit more than I thought on our taxes. IF (and that's a big IF) I get to spend some money on myself, what should I get? It won't be a lot of money, like $150-$200 at the most. BTW- I have a Nikon D90.

How much do speedlights run, and where would I get it? We don't have many places nearby, but we do have a city about 1 hour away.

I know that a 50mm, 1.8 runs about that much. Should that be my next purchase?

I know we won't have enough money to buy Photoshop for a long time, but I think Elements is in my price range. I am using a jipped version of PSP, and I don't have a book to help me out. Would this be the best purchase?

Help me out please ladies. I want to make the best purchase if I can. Thanks.

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Yay for spending money Smile
Check out eBay for Photoshop--I got my PSP 8 (back in 2004ish) brand-new/sealed on eBay for $20. It even had the code for registration.

I looked briefly at Speedlights on Amazon and the 270EX is $140 and the 430EX is $254.

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I would go for Elements (I think you can get it for about $60) and then choose which you need more---the speedlight or the nifty fifty. Depends on if you take a lot of indoor pictures and what lenses you already have. I have both and use them both a ton..I'm guessing the lens is a bit cheaper, but I would check out amazon and see how much they both are and then see what you have money for. I use the SB600, and it works fine for me.

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Have you tried downloading gimp and using that for editing? I've heard good things about it, and the nice thing is, it's open source so it's F-R-E-E! So, then you can spend your $ on either the speedlight or the lens. Let us know what you pick!

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I don't have a Nikon. But when I bought my speedlight for my Canon - it was around 400 bucks I think.

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I would get Elements AND the Scott Kelby Elements for digital photographers book - together that will run you about $100 ... but Sadie, it will be the best $100 spent. I've watched you over the last year, and your photography has really grown. you need decent software to help polish it. on top of that, you could do some fun digital scrapbooking with Elements too. Smile