What do you think about this processing?

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What do you think about this processing?

Wanted to get opinions on my processing... been playing and trying to check to see where I go with it. As always CC appreciated!

ISO 200, f2.8, SS 1/400

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I like it, difficult to judge colour cause I still haven't figured out how to calibrate this monitor.

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I think it's gorgeous! I love the softness of the sky and the bright light behind him.

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Ooh I think this is gorgeous! what a sky! And the middle ground just seems to sparkle.

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I think it's gorgeous! Smile

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I think it really works with the mood of this photo. Matte processing is really "in" at the moment. It's generally not my style. It has to be the right photo for it to work for me.

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I think it's beautiful!

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It *really* works with this image and I just LOVE it! Could that boy be ANY cuter? And what a sky! WOW!


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p.s. mind sharing your processing? it looks so natural yet powerful. LOVE IT!

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I will have to remember what I did.. lol. This is a composite of two pictures. One to get him properly exposed and then the sky.

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Gorgeous. Like everyone else said, I love the sky!