What do you think of this edit?

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What do you think of this edit?

I tried something new. What do you think of it? I feel like there's something wrong with it but I'm not too sure. It's the first time I tried this way of editing. Any CC would be appreciated! I could always go back and re-edit Blum 3 thanks!

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I like it. It's bright and fresh. It seems to fit the situation. Be a little careful with the shine on his head. Otherwise, I like it!

Mind sharing what you did different?


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yes i was wondering about the shine on his head! I was wondering if burning it a bit at a low opacity would help. Smile

all I did different really is duplicate, multiply, brought down opacity, layer mask, and brought him back with a soft brush, not just him though but a little around him too. Kind of blended it in with the background by burning the area at a low opacity with a soft brush. In other words I made the background a bit darker without having to burn the whole area. I wanted him to pop a bit. Smile

Kind of experimenting. I know this doesn't work with all photos though. Smile I really like it.

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There's a halo around him. Not sure if I like it. Looks like you may have missed a spot too...by his left elbow. I see a very bright spot there.

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thanks. i thought i saw a halo but wasn't too sure. i'll have to go back and see if i can tone it down a bit. Smile

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I think it will look nice once you take care of the halo Smile I just barely noticed it.

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It's such a lovely picture!! That is one happy groom Smile

I agree about the halo, if that can be taken care of. The only part that bothers me is his left side (the right side of the picture). Other than that, I think the processing is nice. Great job!