What I've been doing...

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What I've been doing...

He and the twins take up all of my time. Smile But eventually I'll be able to jump back in!

One Week:

One Month:

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Oh. My. Goodness!!! I LOVE the squishy face in that first one! Soooo cute! He looks so big and alert at one month too. What a doll!

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Wait just a minute...He's a month already??? Woah! Totally adorable!! Thanks for popping in. I know that things are super crazy the first few months!

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Has it been a month already? He's grown so much, what a cutie.

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he can't POSSIBLY be a month old already! he's super adorable and I can totally understand why he would demand so much of your time (alongside A&A) - how could you possibly concentrate on anything else when you've these adorable little ones with you?

Thanks for popping by with a quick pic or two though - I sure love seeing them!


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MONTH!?!?! No stinking way! What a doll! And I think I see some cloth dipes there?!?!? Wink