What a nightmare! (updated with pics-heavy!)

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What a nightmare! (updated with pics-heavy!)

Was trying to take pictures of my two kids. I had this idea that they'd be wearing santa hats and holding candy canes or playing with them or something. Well white and candy canes don't mix. lol they got their shirts dirty because they bit into the candy canes. It was a mess. And Mikael did NOT want to wear his hat Sad I'm so sad! It was so sucky! He wouldn't sit still for one single stinkin minute! UGH!!!! I am going to try again tomorrow or I don't know when. Perhaps later today. I'm going to go look for some sort of Christmas decorations and hope that works. I just want a picture of both of them together, both smiling at the camera, and that's it. Is that so hard? apparently. Ugh! I am going to try to work with what I got though. Hopefully I can. What a nightmare. :rolleyes: I was up and down, running around, sweating like a pig picking him up and putting him back down on my black background I put up in the living room. I'll try to share what I got but i'm warning you its not that great. Lol I still have the past two months of pictures to edit. I've been slacking. :oops: big time!

p.s. if you have any tips on how to make my little guy sit still for just five minutes then please let me know. Smile candy did NOT work. :-?


Update: here they are! I edited the ones that I thought were worthy of editing. :rolleyes: I might go back and edit more later. Smile I'll see. I am not calibrated but my laptop is calibrated with my printer and that is how I'll be printing these. I basically just wanted to get some nice pics taken for a Christmas card. I'm thinking I might do a collage. Which ones would you choose? It was so hard to get them smiling at the same time. And a couple I had to save because my speedlight batteries were running low. Sad gosh darn it! I'm charging them later tonight. If you want the settings to any of these let me know.

1.my favorite out of all of them! Biggrin

2. this is one that i had to save since the flash didn't go off Sad such a good shot too. I hope its not that bad.

3. same thing, had to save it. can you tell? i realize the black chair is slightly different than the one above. oh well!

4. I did not cut and paste or burn the background. Only on the top left. So the right side is light coming from the lamp on that side. Smile I think this is also one i had to save.

5. I wasn't paying attention to where the speedlight was pointing. I was working so darn fast because Mikael wanted to get down off that chair. Sad it was so hard!

6. I like this one but It would have been so much better if they had been looking at the camera. And its the only one where Mikael was wearing his hat Sad

7. this one good enough for a card? even though they aren't smiling?

8. one child smiling. lol



So that's that. I am going to create a mini collage and print these on 4x6's to send out as xmas cards this year. Which four would you use? They aren't as good as I had hoped. I *might* redo the shoot but I am not sure yet. Smile I know i'll use these to send to my mom at least Biggrin


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No advice here sorry. :confused: I would have thought candy canes would have worked. I can't wait to see the outtakes though. Wink

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updated with pics.

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ROFL Those are so funny! I can only imagine your frustration!

My fav in the chair is #2. Honestly, I would use that one. Add a little frame or use a Christmasy background, and I think it would work! In the other chair pics, she looks more in focus than he does. Maybe that's just me though.

I SO wish #6 would have come out better. I think it would have been perfect!

Out of 7,8,9. &10, I like #8 best. I think it would be good for a card too. People understand that children don't ALWAYS smile. Wink

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I had the exact same experience when I tried to get my 13 month old in a christmas hat. I got lots of pics of the hat in his hand! These are actually really cute and funny though. My fav is #1 and for a christmas card I think #2 would also look really cute.

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i LOVE #1. hands down my favorite! I'd definitely use that as my card...but then again, I like those kinds of captures!

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#1 is my fave! I really like #7 too. Even though they aren't smiling, they are enjoying there candy canes! So cute!

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haha! yes I go through the same thing with Alana, i can't imagine having 2 of them haha!

I really like the plain black background better and I like the one of them eating the candy canes

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#2 is my fav. Cute pics and I know your frustration!!

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oh, you can make such a cute collage with these! and the ones you had to save actually look good to me, like the flash fired (judging by the candy cane shadow). but I guess you did say there was a lamp on too. anyhow, I think they are really sweet! and I'm all about head swapping if you need to. (I've been doing it a lot lately).

I LOVE Jeannette's expression in the 4th picture, just adorable! And the second one is just too cute. I do love the first, but I like seeing more of their faces on the other ones.

Yep, a collage would really work. Smile

And hey, I have FOUR kids ... I haven't done our shoot yet (I bought candy canes and huge ornaments). I'm dreading getting all four to look and smile. My oldest crashed on the sidewalk this afternoon, and has a HUGE scrape all of the way down his nose so I think I will have to wait on our shoot. Sad

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Awe... you did so good, I love #1

Just a tip with candy canes.... leave the plastic on them, by the time they manage to figure out how to unwrap those suckers, you might get some decent shots in


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LOL! I hold my hands up and admit I have had more sessions like this than I care to admit! I LOVE the 1st one, but I love pics like that anyway. I think you could make a cute storyboard out of these.

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thank your for all your nice comments Smile gigi came up with a really cute xmas card for me that I am going to go off of. I'll share whenever I get it done. Biggrin

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I just saw these. They are great. I love #1. Sooo cute.