What settings would you use?

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What settings would you use?

So I know this all depends on lighting but I am just learning to shoot on manual which I love! Today I am going to downtown Chicago so I wanted to try to get some shots of the buildings. Last time I shot on auto and the pics were way too dark due to the shadows of the tall buildings. I will be there around 3 and right now it is sunny but I guess it is going to be a little cloudy. So, if you have a minute... what would you set your iso ap and ss to? tia

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:wavehello: Tia! Glad you are posting over here now. You can totally ignore what I have to say, b/c I might be wrong, but I wanted to post something b/c sometimes posts don't get any answers.

Most of it depends on your lighting, as you mentioned. If it's sunny, keep your ISO low. It's pointless to have it high. As for shooting architecture, you don't have to have a high SS, so you are lucky with that. But, for ap, I think you would be good with a 5-7 range, I *think*. I could be totally wrong though. So, with that being said, GL & KUP!

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Yep! What she said! ^ Smile Keep your ISO low unless you need it a bit higher if you are in a shadowy area.

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Thanks girls, our day was crazy so I could only get a few quick pics but we go back next week so I will try again then Smile

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I forget what its called on my camera but I know you'd want to shoot in sharp focus instead of soft, because of the angles of the building, and definitely lower ISO during daytime shots.

Beter luck during the next trip.

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You've gotten some good replies. Why don't you post a couple of the ones you took today and we can make some suggestions before you go back. Smile