What would you do?

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What would you do?

Last night I had a crazy session! I LOVED this idea! He was ALL over the place though, so I had to take what I could get. I was chasing him everywhere! What would you do with the blown out river behind him?


And UGH! Why does flickr make my photos look different than my computer?

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very cute idea, Sadie! the blown lake behind him doesn't bother me at all, so I would probably leave it as is. If it really bothers you, you could add a vignette, I s'pose. Or burn the horizon at a low opacity.


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It doesn't bother me either. Cute

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You know, the blown river doesn't bother me either...but I think this edit needs to really be warmed up - or maybe the whole thing was a little overexposed...? Upper central chest looks very, very bright to me (on my uncalibrated crappy laptop).

Very cute idea though and cute expression!

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Have you checked what color space/profile you're pictures are getting saved in? I've read that sometimes they won't get saved in sRGB, which makes them look different when uploaded on the net.

If the blown lake really bothers you, maybe you could try some cloning of the grass? Might be a lot of work, and not worth it, since mom's gonna love it anyway Wink