What would you do? (camera purchase)

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What would you do? (camera purchase)

So I want the 50D ... I mean, I'd love the 70D, but totally not in the budget. I was going to get the 40D just based on the cost, but I thought that was silly when I know I could find a way to get the 50D. I'm only looking to buy the body since I already have three lenses that I use.

I found one on Amazon, used, and the seller has good ratings. He's asking $837 for it. He says it works great, low shutter count (1500 actuations). He's had it since June. He's pretty quick to get back to me, which is good. I just worry about buying it used.

And while I was typing this post, I did an online search and found it EVEN cheaper somewhere else, new. With shipping, it actually works out to be the same cost as the used one on amazon. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

And DH said that he's actually okay with me upgrading to this camera provided that my XTi sells for at least half of what I'm paying for the new camera. I don't know how many actuations I have on it, I can't seem to find a way to tell. But I know it's a lot.

Anyhow, I guess I'd love to know if anyone else has the 50D ... what's my learning curve gonna be? Lol I'm already so behind on my current photography (mainly just the post processing, I'm doing project 365, so I am using it every day), I can't even imagine the time I'm gonna need to learn the new camera. But I'm ready!

So, any advice? I should go with the brand new camera, right? I mean, that makes sense. And I am thinking craigslist is the best place to sell my XTi ... really hoping to get the money for it. I have an extra battery, as far as I can tell, the 50D and the XTi use totally different batteries. (If you know for sure on that, please let me know).

Okay, thanks for reading my rambling. I hope to have a photo share sometime in the near future. I'm right at my two year anniversary with the DSLR ... but I used auto for a couple of months when I first got it. Wink

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Ugh. Just spent forever reading reviews for the site of the new camera (www.fumfie.com) and I'm now leery.

Checked craigslist, and there's a used 50D for $800 ... 5800 actuations on that camera. Comes with a Giottos Aegis 67.8 x 54.5mm Professional Glass LCD Screen Protector, a Zeikos Battery grip and four batteries. Of course, paying $800 cash is very different than charging ... but I could have it so much sooner, and with extras.

Ack! What's a girl to do?!

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I wouldn't want to buy from Craigslist. Have you looked into the Buy/Sell section of ILP? How about B&H and Adorama, they usually have used/gently used equipment there.

As far as 50D, not sure how different it is from the 40D. But when I started I had the Rebel XT and when I switched to 40D, I didn't really feel there was a big learning curve. I did read the manual over and over again. I think just using it frequent and getting used to all its feature should make you comfy using your camera.

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I didn't see any used 50D on either B&H or Adorama.

DH would rather me buy new, which surprises me. He's worried that I'll buy a used one and it will stop working a month later.

But I plan on selling my camera on craigslist ... and I want someone to actually buy it. So I imagine the others selling their used cameras feel the same way. Who's gonna sell their camera knowing it will fail shortly after? No one, I hope.

Anyhow, that fumfie site provides their own warranties on the cameras. They're not authorized distributors, which is what's keeping me from buying from them. Plus they tack on an extra $30 charge for insurance that's not listed anywhere on their site. Just a shady seller.

DH and I talked, he's much more comfortable with me buying new but he does expect me to sell the XTi for at least $400 to put towards the cost. Meanwhile, that craigslist camera is so enticing with the battery grip and extra batteries. I mean, $800 is a good price and I could go try it in person before buying. Ugh. I don't know what to do!

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Ok, I can totally understand where you are coming from when you say you want someone to buy it used from you, so why should you not buy used from someone else. I can understand that. I too probably wouldn't buy used for that high of an amount, just b/c I am leery too. I worry about it breaking and not having the insurance and all that.

So, to be honest with you, I would buy new. Especially if DH is okay with it too. I know the extras would be nice, but that's just me. I hope you get the camera you want. I hope that it will be enough that you learn more than you already know! GL&KUP!

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I did the same thing as you Gwen when i I bought my 50D. bought it new and sold the other to pay for it. I sold my Xti for $500 with the kit lens, filter, and a bag (only cuz i had too many) and it was a year old. the Xti/50D learning curve in simply using the camera wasn't that much for me. (I started going full manual when i got the 50D, that was more a curve for me Smile ) I've read alot of people on ilp buying used bodies and having no problems, being totally satisfied with their cameras. But...i hear ya on the protection you get with a new item. And i'm sure there will be someone who will buy your rebel just so they can get started as well. Smile GL Smile

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with the learning curve, I mean just getting used to the display and where everything is. I use my camera with such ease right now, it will just take a little time to acclimate. Smile

decided to definitely go new. just picking which store to buy from now.

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I would probably rather buy new too esp since dh says yes

also have you looked to see on craiglist what your xti is selling for? Just to know if $400 is reasonable

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I'm glad you decided to go new, but not necessarily due to worrying about sellers, etc. I think, in your case, it's a better move due to the number of photos you take. yo don't want to be down 5500 actuations on the day you pick it up. I'm confident you will make the switch pretty easily.

Have fun and GL seeing your xTi quickly!


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Just did a search on Craiglist in your area Gwen. Are you selling your Xti with a lens? If not, its going to be tricky to sell for $400. Looks like the others in VA are selling for around 350-400 with kit lens! I really hope the sell works out for you soon. Good luck on the camera hunt - new is definitely the way to go.

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There's one listed by me for $420. I do have the kit lens plus an extra battery. We'll see what happens ...

I bought the 50D new today, can't wait to get it!