What are your goals?

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What are your goals?

This goes for everyone.

What are your goals when it comes to photography? If you aren't in business yet, are you hoping to be one day? Or are you simply wanting to take better photos of your kids? Smile

Also a random question, if someone could answer it for me please...when are you technically in business? Is it from the moment you start taking money for your sessions? Or when? I am a bit confused about that.



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My goals are the same as when I started. I want to record my kids lives in the best way I can and at the same time occupy and use my brain. Photography is the only thing that I have found allows me to challenge myself while taking care of my kids. I like being home with them but sometimes I resent the monotony and manual labor of it. Photography feeds both the analytical and creative sides at the same time and helps me feel more like me and less like "just a mom".

As far as business goes, I am considering it. I would like to learn more about running a business before jumping into it. It seems though like it might be a nice option when the kids are in school. But I don't want it to take away my love for photography so I really need to research it and think about it.

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My goal is to be able to capture the moment the best way I could. Even if its just a snap shot. Afterall "a picture is worth a thousand words". I'd like for my kids and family to see their photos and remember that moment in time.

I am not sure if I want to pursue going into business. There is just too much to know and I feel like I've just scratched the surface. I like it as a hobby for sure, it takes away from everyday technicalities (I am an engineer). Maybe someday when I figure everything out... lmao.

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Like Steph, my goal has been and always will be to take beautiful pictures of my children. I remember when my mom had hear heart attack and thought to myself that I was going to miss so much of Matthew's life since I was taking care of my mom. Photography has helped to make sure that didn't happen. I have seen my children change before my eyes and I have captured most of it in digital format.

I never thought I would want to go into business, but I am set up to start as soon as today. I am still pb'ing and as so, I think it is my duty to so everything in my power to make my photographing skills top notch before "launching" so to speak. I was a photograph I took a while back of a newborn that made the mother cry. I caught something for her that she was unable to do on her own. And after long thought, I figured the ability to produce that added to my own time and efforts were worth something. What are they worth, well...I want my abilities and skills to be "worth" what other high end dfw photographers are worth. I don't want to bring down the brand here in my area. Untill I get to that point, I won't be charging full price. But if you are asking if I have a Texas taxpayer number, state lisence and business cards already, then the answer is yes. ;)I didn't want to be pb'ing and face getting caught and wind up paying the $500/day fine for operating w/o proper permits. Lol The business side of things is crazy hard. I don't think I end up paying myself enough at the end of the day, but one day I will be able to change that.

So I guess my goal is to be able to produce high quality images to parents...myself included on a consistant basis. If I manage to make some money for my time and efforts, that would be awesome too. For now though, I am still livin' off the feelings I get when I give the gift of a picture to parents that they will cherish.

ETA: I am supposed to pay my first set of quarterly sales taxes as of the 4th quarter 09 so I suppose that's when I'll be "in business". :dontknow:

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My current goals are to get better when it comes to exposure, white balance, and skin tones. I am focusing a lot on those lately and reading lots too. I want to be able to edit more than just 10 out of 50 pictures. In the long run though I do want to start a business. I am giving myself 5 years to start it though. I want to learn as much as possible before I even get there. I am a slow learner though because I am sort of a perfectionist when it comes to the things I love. Smile I want to learn more about the business side of it as well. I have lots to research still. I want to go in with a clear head but full of all the knowledge I'll need to get by to have a successful business. Smile Sometimes I do get discouraged though and I have to pick myself up again. And that is so hard for me to do! Sometimes I just want to quit because it seems easier than going further into photography. But I start thinking about my kids and that's how it all started. I want to take the best photos I can of my kids now that they are young because I hope someday they will appreciate it. Smile And I am hoping that someday I can use my gift on other people.

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My goal - to take the best pictures I can take and have fun while doing it!

Right now, I'm still learning to take the best pictures I can and I'm already at the having fun part! I have a lot to learn and who knows maybe in the future I'll have a business. I try not to think that far ahead because then I can get caught up in the money making part of it. With so much to learn still I'm just taking it each shoot at a time and loving the feeling of producing pictures for people they wouldn't normally have. Make sense?

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Kelly I have no clue how you do it! The whole business side scares me. But one thing I am thankful for is that it works differently here when it comes to business. Smile There is a place I have to register myself at in order for me to go into business but that's it. DH explained it to me already but I've forgotten how it all works. lol Sounded easy enough for me though. Smile But one thing I remember from awhile back on here is something that someone said that stuck with me since then. You are officially in business (or considered "going pro") when you start taking any type of money from people. And that has me a bit confused. I don't want to go into business so soon but what if down the road I want to be paid (somehow) for the time I put into it. kwim? DH said to let people know that if they want to "tip" me then they can. But then it all comes down to that comment...I'd be in business even if I took tips. It's all so confusing to me :-? but that is a totally different topic.

carry on! Biggrin

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There may not be any legal repercussions in Norway but if you are being paid for your time then you are in business. You can be paid for materials, i.e cost of admission into place where you are shooting, cost of prints, shipping, without being in business, but as soon as you are being paid for your time and talent, it is business. You may not think that it is worth reporting. I mean plenty of kids mow lawns for money, and you don't see the IRS beating down their door, but even they are technically in business.

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"stampasaurus" wrote:

There may not be any legal repercussions in Norway but if you are being paid for your time then you are in business. You can be paid for materials, i.e cost of admission into place where you are shooting, cost of prints, shipping, without being in business, but as soon as you are being paid for your time and talent, it is business. You may not think that it is worth reporting. I mean plenty of kids mow lawns for money, and you don't see the IRS beating down their door, but even they are technically in business.

Exactly why I made sure that I got my permits and licenses and tax payer stuff prior to pb'ing. I was so scared of the repercussions that I went out and paid for everything before hand. lol

Plus, in our case, Kevin has a pt job as a roof sales person(he gets paid as an independant contractor and he's also wanted to always write a book so doing the proper business type so that we could have multiple things under the "umbrella" so to speak was important for us.

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When I got my camera, my primary goal was to replace the portrait studios that I was frequenting on a regular basis. Smile So my main goal has never changed - take fantastic portraits of my kids. Yes, I want to capture everyday life, but my focus is namely on portraits.

That being said, I want to continue to grow with my skill set and be able to capture more than my kids. Which is why I asked a random stranger to shoot her newborn (btw, she's being induced tomorrow!). That led to her maternity session. Plus I did a wedding (as a shadow to the real photographer) and I have two family sessions in the next couple of weeks. I want to be able to take great portraits in a variety of settings and with different "sets" of people.

Do I want to go into business? I don't know. I'd love to be paid for my time, but I am not sure I want the pressure that goes with it. I love being able to shoot at my leisure, edit at my leisure, and show off the results to whoever I choose. Wink Business is limiting ... and empowering. I just don't know yet. DH doesn't think I should, he thinks I should keep it as a hobby. He wants me to get back into the workforce and start earning six figures. ROFL

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Where I am at right now: Im still learning...learning everyday, working on composition, need to get better with photoshop, need a better more flexibile camera, etc. I dont necesarilly want to take photos of people, but more artistic photos that people might buy to hang up in their home. I love taking nature photos, pet photos, architecture photos and classic car photos. I would love to sell my photos as a business one day but that wont be for a very long time lol

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My goals is pretty much similar to other people, I want to be able to document the lives of my children and family to the best of my ability. I am really not sure if I will ever go into business because to be perfectly fair, I don't like children much (I LOVE my own, but just can't connect with other people's kids) Actually, that makes me sound horrible! I mean, I like looking at photo's of children and would probably be fine with kids if they sat nicely and kept quiet, but we all know kids are not like that much, lol! Maybe if I can find something that I wold be comfortable specialising in, I would consider it.

However, my goal of the moment is to get to grip with my speedlight and learnt o use ocf.

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Me, I just want to take the best shots I possibly can of any subject and be proud of them.
I want a hobby that can last a lifetime but can never get boring because life is an ever changing environment. I can put as much or as little of myself into it as needed and have lovely images on my computer/walls and give as gifts.

If I was ever going to do anything with my pictures it would only go so far as entering competitions or maybe selling the floral photos I take.... big maybe I know.


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I have ALWAYS loved photography. Even as a little girl, the first camera I could get my hands on, I did. Randall got frustrated with me, b/c I kept wanting a better camera over and over. Finally, he caved in! Wink I started out with a pretty nice 35mm, then I moved on to a Kodak Easy Share, then my Olympus P&S, and now my D90. I know it's not the camera that takes the photos, but there is only so much you can do with a P&S.

I like photography b/c I have always enjoyed looking at photos. Now that I have children, I want to take millions of photos of them.

When it comes to business, I would LOVE to make it a profession. I don't think I could do it full-time b/c I will have a different full-time job, hopefully finishing my degree in a few years, and starting teaching. Around here, we are in a SMALL town. Our photographers, are not that great. I am watching one take pics, ( I wish I could share the site) and I know that I can do better...seriously. So, yes, one day I would love to take professional photos. I need to learn and grow a heck of a lot more. I plan on doing some free sessions for some seniors, and I am still waiting to do the baby shoot. It keeps getting cancelled. :confused:

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I'll throw in my $0.02 worth ...

Like so many, I want good pictures of my boy to help me remember all the special moments in his life. That's what got me started and what keeps me going above all else.

That said, I've recently started a business. Not a photography business, but making posters - mostly soccer and judo posters for the kids in Loli's judo class and on his soccer team. The judo school doesn't offer portraits and the ones the soccer league offeres are TERRIBLE (& terribly expensive). A lot of the moms liked what I was doing and offered to pay me to do some for them too. Sometimes I take the pictures, sometimes I use pictures provided by the parents. I don't charge for the photos if I take them, only if I make some kind of poster or collage.

It's kinda nice b/c now I get more offers to take pics of people outside of the family so I'm getting more and more practice. I'm hoping it will help take my photography to another level (which I am far from right now).

I wouldn't mind having some kind of photo business once I retire, but I'm a long way from that. Smile

Anyway ... that's where I stand these days.