What is your next photography challenge

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What is your next photography challenge

I've been thinking about this a lot lately so I thought it might be a good thread to start.

My next photography challenge is to work on other background colours, especially white.
I struggle with white. I want to try some other colours too so maybe a bright blue or green or bone.

Also I want to try to learn some more.

I just got accepted into a one day portraiture seminar(limited to 25 places).
It's not until April next year but I am so psyched for it as the photographer running it is AWESOME!!

So the question remains.....

What is YOUR next photography challenge.......

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Nice thread idea!

Oh, where to begin...

I really want to learn about custom WB.
I want to photograph people who WANT their pics taken! I'm tired of the chasing/bribing!
I want to increase my PS knowledge.

And much much much more!

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My next challenges:
*read manual again (now that I have a better idea of how the different settings work with each other)
*understand what a histogram looks like for a properly exposed photo
*learn to get focus in my pictures!
*then work on composition and pp

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I just got a new computer, LR3 and CS5... now I need to start shooting in RAW, and learning to process in ACR and Lightroom! I am comfortable in Photoshop, so taking the time to watch tutorials and learn RAW and LR is a HUGE but important goal. I am also thinking about taking the plunge and starting a business when I move to Oregon...

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I really need to work on my editing skills. I'd shoot in RAW more often if my PP skills were better.

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to get creative with pp, that is the main one that seems to bother me
id also love to photograph more people i dont know, seems like i am always asking, i would love for them to as ME instead lol
to get better shots straight out of the camera

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Sophie, do what I did and have a practice weekend.... or just a day. Tell people you are opening up your 'studio' for the day and that for just a little time, you'll get some images you'll love.

Go for it, I loved it!

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My current new challenge is learning to focus using my new macro extension tubes---it is WAY harder than with my already extremely shallow converter!

Other than that, I just need to continue practicing with portraits...and continue striving for the best SOOCs.

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Better at PP.
Better SOOC
More photo shoots
Get out of my comfort zone of only ppl that I know

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Be able to do more stranger shoot for PB.
Re-learn lightroom.