What is your passion?

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What is your passion?

What is the one type of photography that you love to photograph more than anything? Nature? Children? Weddings? Landscapes? Where does your passion lie? Let's have it!

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For me, I really love photographing families. Mom and dad typically aren't in pictures with their children, and I love to put them in there. Even if I'm only doing a session of their children, I'll make mom/dad hop in there for at least one photo with their kids.

I also love photographing couples. I would love to get more engagement sessions, but I just don't really have the networking for that, since all of my friends/contacts are married with children.

I'm really not that great at photographing landscapes. I'm not exactly sure why that is. Maybe I'm always putting my kids in the beautiful light instead of looking at the scenery when that light is taking place? I'd really like to get good at taking sunset pictures. We have a great sunset view from our back yard in the summer!

I'm not so sure I like to photograph newborns. I've only photographed 2 so far. One went well, but was an incredibly short session just with my cousin and her new baby while visiting. The second one would not fall asleep for anything, and I struggled getting anything worthwhile. I think I need at least 1 or 2 more for me to decide Wink

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You probably all think landscape is my passion... Smile But it isn't, actually! I do enjoy landscapes, but my biggest photography passion is macro. But without a macro lens, even our point-and-shoot takes better macros than our Canon 60D! Still, like my poinsettias, I'm always trying to get in close and see what I can come up with. The day I get a macro lens, I will be over the moon.

But that leads me to my other passion, which is my kids. And because of them, I'd rather get a good portrait lens than a macro lens at this point. I really do love taking photos of them. And I think I could become very passionate about portrait photography if I practiced more with my own kids (i.e. not the million-and-one snaps I take, but doing shoots with them) and others, and gained confidence.

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When I actually get somewhere where I think I can make a living at this, I plan on shooting 3 things. Babies, Seniors, and Headshots. I'm a single subject that stays where you put them, kind of photographer. LOL

I HATE family sessions!

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I have always been first and foremost passionate about wildlife/nature. It's been my life. It's always been what I do and love/do best. Whether it's in school, in painting and drawing, in photography, and in work.

That said, I also love love love learning to do better at portraits, both natural light and indoor "studio" type. I have a blast doing Eva's. and I am getting a little more comfortable doing other people's, although I still have a long way to go.

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I want to be good a portraits but I'm really not. Like Tracy I prefer to shot macro but am limited by my lenses at the moment. I like flora and fauna photography and tend to do better with that than anything else.

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I really enjoy candid shots, I think it's why I like animals and young children, they don't see a camera and instantly pose. That said I really don't get to shoot that way much, my 13 year old & DH hide from the camera, and my 3 year old poses for me or runs depending on her mood. The dogs see me looking at them and want attention. The cats, well lets just say they both suffer from Garfield syndrome, LAZY! And of course strangers would be awkward shooting pictures of.

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I love lifestyle. I follow a few lifestyle photographers on facebook, they are so inspiring! I'll never be a professional photographer, so I don't really shoot much else Smile

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Even though I never had a chance to pursue it, I had a passion for photography long before A&A came around. And since then it has only grown. Macro and landscapes are what first caught my attention and began my love for photography when I was in middle school. If I had time just to go and take pictures, I would have TONS of macro and landscapes. Since I haven't had a chance to really practice those though, they aren't my strong suit by any means.

Taking pictures of A&A, and really trying to work on my portrait photography has instilled a new passion. Just this past month I've noticed myself "seeing" what would make good pictures of A&A while we are out and about. It's exciting to realize that I'm noticing good light. It has made me look forward to when they might possibly do as I ask for just a few pictures. Wink I would also love the opportunity to take more newborn portraits. I've seen some awesome newborn photography that has been very inspirational.