What's the deal with the forums?

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What's the deal with the forums?

Anyone know why, every time I try to load the photography board lately, I get a "Page not found" error and have to go back to the main board list and re-select it? Is this happening to other people? It's driving me nuts!

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I'm so glad it's not just me! I thought it had something to do with using my phone. I was about ready to give up because it's too hard to keep going back to the menu page.

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The URLs have all changed, but if any announcement was made I missed it!!!

bbl for cc group....hbak

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Happened to me too. I had this board as a bookmark and I was getting that same message, so I bookmarked the new url and it changed AGAIN! I rebooked it this morning....hopefully it's done changing Smile

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Yup they changed the URL's and I didn't see an update about it.