what's your camera bag?

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what's your camera bag?

I am excited because I just ordered my first custom camera bag. The ugly black standard bag I have right now is nice but my gear outgrew it about a year ago LOL. So I got a nice roomy one for not only what gear I have now but what I might add to my collection in the future Smile

This is the bag I got:

What kind does everyone else have?

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Right now I have a crappy, UGLY Swiss one that I hate. It's awkward. But, it does the job FOR NOW. If I add anything, I am out of luck!

BUT, the good news is, I have a friend who makes bags, and she said she would make me one. I pick the fabric, the style and how many pockets, and she will make it for me! $55! :O

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Let us know how you like it! I've been eyeing Etsy bags for a while now, but decided on a Crumpler 5 Million Dollar Home. It's a little tight in there, but all we could afford at the moment. I like it, but not "in love" with it, if you know what I mean.

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I just bought an inexpensive one at Futureshop made by Golla, I would not recommend it and would avoid the brand the main zippers have come off which makes opening and closing the bag difficult.

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I want a couple of bags for mine, I want one that I can put my laptop and my camera with accessories in (including the tripod), I also want a basic bag for just the camera and it's accessories.

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Amy- That is an adorable bag! It looks super functional too!

I just have the Canon one that came with my camera when I bought it. I rarely use it because I don't really have a lot of equipment. I have 2 lenses, 1 body, and some filters. I have a smaller one that can hold my camera with one lens on it plus the extra battery and charger.