What's your home studio set up?!

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What's your home studio set up?!

I'd love to hear what everyone uses. I'm looking at getting one AB800/ large softbox and a reflector, A seamless stand, and some seemless paper. Plexi/hardwood. I'm not quite ready (financially) but I'm interested to hear what everyone else uses, and how you like it?

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For now, I just use fleece, two clothes racks and clamps to hold the fleece up, a piece of acrylic, and my SB600. If and when I decide I'm ready to PB, I would love to add a softbox, reflector, and some seamless, but I'm neither ready, nor have the money at the moment, so I'm just making what I have available work.

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I have a strobist kit (the starving student one), it came with an umbrella, stand, a vivitar flash. I also have a reflector and my 580exII. I have a collapsible stand for the seamless papers (Thunder Gray, White and I forgot the other color).

I do not have a dedicated studio, I basically set it and collapse it after I am done.

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I have 2 AB800s w/ shoot through umbrellas and stands [I think it was their 'digi-bee' set]. A collapsable backup stand. 1 roll of crimson seamless (wish I had gone w/ thunder grey). And 2 muslin backdrops (that came w/ the stand and that I have NEVER used).

I don't have a dedicated studio area at home either so I have to break it down after I'm done.


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TFS your set ups!:)

I won't have a studio space either, so I'll have to pack everything up and put it away each time. I'm thinking I might wait until after the summer to make the purchases, which will give me a little more time to research and decide what I want. I'm also dying to get a new computer, so I'll have to decide between lights/backdrops & Computer. Plus summer is around the corner and I can take advantage of that and get outside... if that makes sense. Biggrin

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I have a cheap one light set up from ebay, came with stand softbox and umbrella. I also have a backdrop stand, as well as 2 rolls of seamless and a bunch of curtain panels I also use a backdrops.

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THis is my set up from a front view. Two shoot thru umbrellas, plus an sb600, I have a gray/green, brown, black, dark blue, white, and lavendar backdrops. Dh has them on copper tubes to slide back and forth as I need them. PRetty handy!

This is the view from my backdrop. You can see my heaps and piles of props/misc. Dh has some kind of set up where the pics come up on the tv as I take them.

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Mandie - that's cool with the TV set up.

I have (1) AB800 and (1) AB400. Large octabox on the 800 and shoot thru umbrella on the 400. Sometimes I use the 400, sometimes I use my reflector. I have a couple of vellux blankets from JCP that I hang from the wall and use with my fake floor and white baseboard. Most recently purchased a 10x20 silverlake muslin backdrop (love - and want more of!).

Recently went wireless with Radio Poppers and its so nice not to drag a stupid sync cord around.

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I tend to use only window/door light. I have a shoot through umbrella that I use with my 430EX speedlight. I have Cactus triggers for it. I have a PVC backdrop stand that I use with fabrics. Pretty basic, but I usually only photograph my own kids, so it works for me.

Here's a quick picture that I took a few weeks ago.