When a session goes bad..... to make you smile!

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When a session goes bad..... to make you smile!

My eldest son wanted to play tennis with his Dad tonight, so we all hop in the car and head to the park. I took my youngest with me for a walk about. There we were minding our own business, I was taking some photos as usual (I'm the mamarazzi don't you know?!). This dog must have been quick as she was nowhere to be seen and then 4 seconds later, ds3 was taking a licking. Poor ds did not like being licked but the shot made me LOL so I thought I would share!

He was sooooo done after this:

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that's a riot! but super cute too! glad you caught the moment!

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ewwww LOL right on the mouth!! haha I love your new word "mamarazzi" too Smile

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That is absolutely adorable. Definitely a keeper for the years to come.

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Lol That is adorable! Randy would have giggled!

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I LOVE it!

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That is SOOOOO cute! Was this your dog, or someone's dog that was at the park? I also like the word "mamarazzi"! LOL

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Oh, Kerry! That is just TOO PRECIOUS!!!!


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LOL That looks like a nice and slobbery one too!

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AWE! Adorable! Smile

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Aw, sooo cute!!

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aww that is so stinkin cute! Biggrin love it!

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*giggle* WTG to you for taking the pic instead of shooing away the dog Lol

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We don't have a dog (hubby doesn't like them), she belonged to a nice older man who was telling me all about his grandkids, lol!

I think had I have seen or heard her coming, I might have tried to shoo her away, or pick Zack up, but she was quick & quiet. Made me glad she was friendly.

Still, however grossed out I was, I love the shots and they will be ones I look back on and giggle at