Where to print story boards

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Where to print story boards

I have lots of questions...

Where is the best place to order/print storyboards?
What kind of price range should I expect?
What sizes seem to work best?
What should i have them mounted onto?

Any other tips?

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I ordered a small one from WHCC on styrene and it was lovely...I think I got an 11x14. What you have it printed on really depends on what you're using it for. Canvas is completely matte which makes it look more professional. Styrene is better, more solid, and will last longer than paper and might be just right depending on where you will mount it and what it is a storyboard of.

Size depends on where you want to put it, and the resolution of the image file.

Price really depends on the mounting...canvas is the most expensive.

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also depends on humidity and light - styrene will bow in hot, humid areas, especially in direct light (if you frame it, not an issue!)