Where to start?

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Where to start?

So as I stated in an earlier post, DH and I got a DSLR last week after playing with it a bit I realized that this thing has an awful lot of settings. I'm wondering where do I start what is a good way to get a feel for my camera and its settings, how do I learn to use the camera.

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This is going to sound trite, but it is seriously the best way to get to know your camera. Read the manual... cover to cover, then read it again! You might find youtube tutorials on things that don't make sense right away. Then stick in it M mode and start playing!

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I think Beth hit that nail right on the head. That and PRACTICE. I started with stationary objects rather than my moving kid when I first got my D80.

Like Beth suggested, there are an awful lot of youtube tutorials as well, so give those a look once you are done going through the user's manual.

Have fun!

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You've got to read the manual, the whole thing, at least once, and keep referring to it as you practice. It's helpful to learn one aspect at a time; you can do that with the manual and with tutorials online.

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There is also a sticky tutorial on here. It goes over the basic stuff. Good luck. Can't wait to see your pictures!