White balance issues

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White balance issues

Since I don't have a point and shoot, I use my Nikon D60 for snapshots all the time. For example I was taking pics of my baby's first bowl of cereal. The problem is that it was dark outside, and she was at the dinning room table under a CFL light bulb. All of my pics came out yellow, not matter how I set the WB in camera. I will be able to fix this somewhat when I (finally) get my copy of CS4, but in the future is there a better way to save the WB on snapshots?
Do you ladies use speedlights for snaps? Would that help?
I BETTER get a speed light for Christmas...it's the only thing on my list :ROFL:!!

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RAW !!!!!

I have the D60 also. I now usually take all pics with auto wb then try to take a pic of a grey card and fix in RAW, just me its amazing Smile