Who here actually PRINTS their pictures?

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Thread: Who here actually PRINTS their pictures?

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    Default Who here actually PRINTS their pictures?

    I have seriously fallen off the wagon when it comes to printing my photos. I still take a good number, especially during soccer season, but I think it's been over a YEAR since I last printed a picture - I didn't even print pics for Christmas this year. *hangs head*

    In the past, I would print about 1x or 2x per month. Or at worst, every other month.

    So I'm curious .... how often do you guys print? And for what purpose? Scrapbooks (this is what formerly kept me printing) or family albums? To send to family (most of my family does facebook now, so I've gotten lazy)? To hang on the wall, place on the mantle, etc?

    I'm hoping you guys will inspire me to get off my duff and print a few pics. Heck, maybe I can even put them in an album or something (dust off those scrapbook supplies) - but let's not get ahead of ourselves.

    And if you DO print ... where do you print? The "pro" lab I like to use is Color, Inc. But I've been thinking of trying Nations Photo Lab as well. When I want something quick or when I was sending hard copies to my mom & dad, I would just hit Walgreens.

    So fill me in folks!


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    I am a non-printer too. I guess you would call me cheap. Everyone who comes to my house says, "You are a photographer and THIS is all you have on your walls?"

    I used to print a lot for scrapbooking too. I do print about 200+ 4x6s a year. Mainly b/c Shutterfly gives out 101 free prints often. I also print my 8x10s there too. I have yet to print my work from a real lab. Shame shame, I know.
    Instead of scrapbooking, I now make photo books through Shutterfly as well. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them. I make a yearly one, from Jan- Christmas and I work on it all year long. A little after the beginning of the year, their photo books go on sale, up to 50% off and I order it then. I just got out 2013 one in and I am always impressed. They are good quality.
    For my instagram pics (b/c I don't want them just sitting on my phone) I downloaded an app called GrooveBook. It cost $2.99 a month and you get a little book of up to 100 pics a month. They aren't the highest quality, but I love seeing those moments in print.

    We just ordered our photos from our family photo shoot. I am beyond impressed with them. I believe she uses Miller Lab. They are amazing. It cost us a lot though, and Randall was SHOCKED to know the amount of the 16x24 canvas. In fact, I just told him to quit asking b/c he was really low when he was guessing the amount! :O However, those are memories I will LOVE! Can't wait to get my canvas!
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    I'm ashamed to say that I don't print. Occasionally, I'll join in on the 101 free Shutterfly prints, but only if I have time. I LOVE photo books, but, again, time seems to be an issues with getting those printed. I do a calendar every year with photos from the previous year in the same month. LOVE those.

    I can't help but wonder if photographers don't print out as many, because we take more images, and therefore it's harder to choose?
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    I print pretty regularly. I have a folder for things I want to print, from special occasions or outings or vacations, and some of my favourite everyday shots. Then when I see a deal (i.e. Shutterfly's free 100 prints), I will get a bunch printed for albums. And sometimes I print some of my grandmother, and pop them in the mail.

    I print 5x7's and 8x10's once in a while -- whenever I get a new absolute favourite, so maybe once every 6 months or so -- for frames around the house, too.

    I do have a collage 'family' frame that is woefully neglected: it contains photos of all of the members of our family, and some of the pictures are as old as from our wedding almost nine years ago!! A few of the babies in the frame are now 3-4 years old, too. That's a project this year: to update that frame. And I'm planning to get a collage frame to put some 'friend' pics in, because we have a 'Friends' wall plaque and it would look great over a similarly-styled collage frame.

    I also print occasionally for the local camera club, as the club puts prints up in the local library and so sometimes I throw a matted 8x10 in there with the bunch.

    As to where I print, though: the cheapest deal usually wins for 4x6's. I usually get 5x7's or 8x10's printed at a better lab locally. And canvases, well, we just do that on the cheap too. I'd love to get really high quality prints or canvases, but (a) I don't think my work justifies it yet! and (b) we just can't afford it unless we get some kind of screaming good deal.
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    Sorry haven't read over everything, but I typically print a few pictures at Christmas, but that's about it. I have printed a few Shutterfly books when they were on special too, but haven't done that in ages.

    * Amanda *

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