This is why I love photography

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This is why I love photography

Below is a link to a blog that has COLOR photos from 1939-1943. I got this off of ClickinMoms and just can't stop looking.

To be able to connect back to a time that I can only otherwise READ about is amazing. It really helps to understand that those times were real and those were/are real people. Photos are our outlet to freeze time and let those 70 years from now know what our lives were like. I just love it. It's so much more than just taking pretty pictures.

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Amazing! Thanks so much for sharing that. Had to add it to my facebook.

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wow those are awesome!!! I saw some Colorado ones, Ouray and Delta County! How cool! thanks for sharing! Smile I didn't think there were colored pictures back then. It's nice to see how things use to be.

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Thank you for sharing!!!