winter photography...

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winter photography...

Ok i don't have a studio and work with as much natural light as possible, as many of us do. What do you do when it gets too cold to use the great outdoors anymore? I have a 6 month old i'm shooting on Dec. 30th and i don't know where to go or what to do?! So how do you get creative in the winter?

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stalking this thread...same issue here.

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newborns are no problem, adults are no problem, walking problem...but a 6 month old....whaddya do with that in the snow, LOL Smile

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Last winter, I didn't do much photography. Jackson (the little one) hated the snow, so I didn't really go outside much. I worked on getting proper exposure indoors, and experimented with my (new) speedlite a lot. This year, I'm probably going to work on getting my lighting right inside now that I have the exposure thing down.

Maybe you can have mom get a really cute outdoor outfit, and find some prop to sit the baby on if s/he doesn't like the snow. Maybe there's a place around town with a lot of natural light inside? Or you could go into their house and do some lifestyle type photography like this:

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You can still be a natural light photographer and use the great indoors! Last year, before I got an actual setup, I set up a very humble "studio" using window light. I used pieces of fleece for backdrops, and went to a hardware store and found a piece of cheap plexi for something to stand on. I clamped my "backdrops" to a laundry rack! Worked well for me!

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I agree, there is still a lot you can do....I don't have any studio lights at all and I did Eva's Christmas portraits with natural light from her bedroom windows, and an ivory blanket clamped to a free-standing clothesrack for a backdrop; and also did more pics using the Christmas tree and fireplace as backgrounds.

And snow-covered ground on an overcast day gives great lighting for photographs lol! I have done lots of playful shots of Eva while she was out in the snow in her snowsuit or any cute warm outfit.

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Honestly, I've taken very few photos here over winter. I try and just use natural light so minimal photos inside here (we have a great big winter but it isn't in a great spot for photos). It doesn't snow here, but it is wet and grey. Lots of grey.

I'm watching this thread with interest for ideas for next year