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so i've gotten two stranger bookings from google in the last 2 weeks (i knew all that damn SEO would pay off!) and the other day I just booked my first wedding! its not till next year, but i'm going the engagement photos too in a week and a half. and i have like 7 sessions total booked for this month.

anddddddd... best news ever. i'm getting the d700 this weekend!!!!!!!!! no more stupid d70!!!!

and, ok maybe THIS is the best news ever Wink my out of town boyfriend finally found a job here and is moving in 3 weeks!!! love love love.

i'm hoping and praying i will be able to quit my day job and go full prof photog by march of next year. maybe sooner if i can keep a steady 4 or more sessions per month. i never thought this all would actually happen. and never thought so quick!

you guys are awesome. i wouldnt know my azz from my aperture if i hadnt found this place Wink

and because i hate posting without a pic - here's one from my napa trip last week Smile

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Katie...that's so awesome! I'm both really proud and jealous!

Beautiful picture too.

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You are wonderful and should have no problems going full time pro, yay on the boyfriend move Biggrin

B E A utiful picture!

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Congrats Katie, and awesome pic!! Thanks for sharing!

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That's great news Smile Hope all continues on the postive vibe for you! Also wanted to say that i skimmed through you blog one day and thought it was awesome...i love all your pics and your daughter is adorable! Smile

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I dont think you should have any problems going full time photog before March! You rock! You deserve to do what you love for a living! awesome pic too.

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I agree, your work is amazing! And congrats on all of the good news. I'm sure your dream will be a reality before ya know it. Smile

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:woohoo: Congrats girl! What an inspiration!

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Katie, that is awesome! I know you post a lot more on ILP than you do here, and when I am over there, I'm always looking at your threads. Your work is really so good, and you definitely have your own style with PP that is terrific. I am not surprised at all that you're getting more bookings, and really hope you can quit your day job sooner rather than later.

that's great news about your BF!

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Awesome news! Congrats!

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That's good news all around! Biggrin CONGRATS on everything! I hope things continue to do well for you and I am SURE you can make it full-on photography! Can't wait to see more work from you! LOVE the grapes pic. I am dying to get out and take pics of grapes. We are in wine country here!

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congrats on everything, thats awesome Smile
love the pic

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Oh KATIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HUGS I am sooooo ahppy for you I cant WAIT to see what you can do with the d700! Holy crap you blow everything outta the water with a d70... Congrats on EVERYTHING!

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CONGRATS across the board! so much good news - you must be floating on air!

I'm not surprised you are getting so popular - you are very talented and your clients are lucky to have found you.

Beautiful pic too ... but don't forget to come show off once you have the D700!


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Congrats Kate! Some day I want to be just like you Smile

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Yeah!!! Congratulations!!!!

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Yahoo WTG!

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"EL2" wrote:

Congrats Kate! Some day I want to be just like you Smile

LOL, ditto! Congrats on everything, bookings, wedding, boyfriend, and you'll be able to quit in no time, March will be here sooner than you know it!

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YAY!!! Good for you! You've been working so hard and I'm happy for you that it's paying off.

So, has your first paid session placed an order yet? Was it a great one? The first paycheck is such a great feeling.

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Good for you, Kate! You are doing so awesome!

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Jumping on the bandwagon to say Yay on all counts! You totally deserve it Smile

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