Would you mind giving me some CC?

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Would you mind giving me some CC?

Sorry to post and run - it's late here and i just got done editing this couple. Trying to get skintones right...

CC would be very much appreciated on any aspect of them, including the skintones.




 Lyric @ 9 Months




 Lyric @ 9 Months

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I tried clicking on them to get a bigger size, but a bigger size wasn't available. I like to see them really big to make sure they're sharp. Wink

1. Lyric's face and body are exposed nicely, but I think you are very close to loosing definition on the top of her head. You have a little room to take some off the top of the frame to put her eyes in the top third of the frame. I rely a lot on my eye dropper to check skin tones and I could not do it on your pic, but her body looks a tad yellow to me. Face looks good though.

2. Much stronger image IMHO. You have a little room on camera right if you wanted to crop tighter too. The lighting on her head is better here(you could always up the blacks on the bg, but mask back in Lyric), but I only noticed it when standing up and looked down on the image. GREAT expression.

Just remember to try and keep your ss above 125 for lo's and you are good to go. They are beautiful and you have tons of the basics down. I wish I was this far ahead when I was only a few months into things. Sarah, she is SO dang sweet. I am sure you have a blast photographing her. I can NOT get over those cheeks and lips. Lol

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Needs more red...I think.

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She is so adorable!!!! Biggrin I think you could do a selective color layer and play with the black and mask her back in. Smile love the catchlights!

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what a cutie!!!! I also have a dark haired baby, so I struggle with the blending of the hair into black backgrounds. but I think you did a good job here. I'm not the best on skintones, I always defer to Amber. Wink

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Awesome, thanks guys. Smile I actually reduced the red quite a bit , so i'm thinking i maybe went too far. I also agree with the too yellow comments though. Oh i don't know! I usually don't fuss with skintones, but i wanted to learn. I definitely need to get calibrated!

Okay dokay. Plenty of stuff to try here. Biggrin

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Yay for more Lyric pics!!

I'm not calibrated so can only really say what I see, but I thought she looked just a tad yellow, but that might be due to the lack of red Is this all natural light? I am jeaous! At this time of year, I am lucky if I don't either have to crankmy ISO all the way to 1600 or more, use REALLY slow SS or use my speedlight, which I am crap with, lol!

I love the second one, she really is adorable!

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She just gets cuter and cuter! I'm so glad you came and shared some new photos!!!

I'm uncalibrated here at work, but I do see the yellow issues.

Take care and POST MORE OFTEN!!!



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Oh my! What a cute little little chunky monkey! You already have gotten some good cc, but I couldnt pass up this post with out commenting on the adorable-ness of the baby!

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I agree with pp, you have gotten great cc so Im just gonna say you have a gorgeous little one! She is so freakin cute! I wanna see more pics!

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She is the cutest!!!

Looks a bit on the cool side to me. Try to get that shutter speed up, I can't tell if she's slightly soft or it's me.

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I feel like she's a bit soft too, but my oh my she is gorgeous! She has beautiful eyes and you captured those well!