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    Red face Wow, Long Time No See!

    I have to be honest, I never get over here any more. But, I thought about this board the other day and finally got time to sit down and come back. Wow! So many familiar faces and new ones!! I suppose I take for granted that some of you are on my FB and just don't make it over here. But, I thought I'd give a little update here, since this board IS where my photography journey began

    I'm still working full time, but my PT photography is growing! I've second shot 3 weddings so far and I've got 4 more on the books over the next 3 months. I'm booking family, maternity, and newborn shoots. I'm SO excited that things are picking up. Having a lack of confidence sure is a buzz kill when trying to get clients But, I'm slowly learning to enjoy and not nit-pick my photos to death...HARD thing to do. I feel like I've grown a ton and am finally getting in a good groove.

    I hope everyone on this board is encouraged to learn and grow. I learned so much from just posting and discussing photos. Practice is the BEST way to learn and asking for CC is even better. I know that when I first started on here, people saw things in my photos I didn't even know I needed to look for. Each comment molds your eyes to see what you need to grow.

    I am by no means a 'professional' or strive for photography to be my full time job. But, it is something that will ALWAYS be a part of my life and I enjoy sharing that gift with others

    Here are a few of my recent sessions (some paid some, some free, some local photography meet-ups)

    20130209 01-2

    20130302 - 01.jpg

    20130302 - 06.jpg

    20130309 02

    20130413 01-2

    20130413 03-2

    20130413 05

    20130413 07

    20130518 01

    20130518 02-2

    And of course my kids, so you can see just how much they'e grown!!
    20130525 01-4

    20130525 01-5
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    Good to see a post from you, Jennifer!! You're so right about how important it is to give and receive CC. It's amazing how much it opens your eyes and gets you thinking about things you've never thought of before. Such an important part of the learning process.

    Great photos as usual!! It's hard to choose a favorite! Your kids are growing up so much. Tell 'em to stop!
    Stephanie - Mama to Carson, Jackson, and Hudson

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    AGREED!!!! ^^^^^^^

    Missed seeing posts from you! Your kiddos are too cute and LOOK AT TYLER! Holy smokes, he's grown way too much!
    Sadie- mommy to Ruthie & Randy
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    Great to see you here again, and to see the great work you've been doing! Your kids really are so cute and growing too fast!

    Married Anthony April 2, 2005
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    All beautiful shots!

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    Wow! Looks like you've been keeping busy. Great pictures! Your kids are adorable!!!
    -El mommy to B & A
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    It's so good to see you Jennifer! I'm glad you stopped in!

    Your kiddos have gotten SO big! Especially Rylee. What an adorable little princess you have on your hands. And how can Tyler possibly be growing so fast? He should still be an infant!

    I can't pick a favorite from your clients. There are so many amazing moments you shared with us here! Are you finding yourself liking a particular area of photography?

    I hope you'll stop by from time to time and catch us up on all you are doing.


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