wrestled out a few new Eva pics last evening (for cc)

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wrestled out a few new Eva pics last evening (for cc)

Let me tell you, after getting these pics out of Eva last night I felt like I'd run a marathon!!! It is SOOOO hard getting her to follow direction & listen for taking photos of her, wow! I was exhausted after 10 minutes!

I just wanted a couple pics of her in her pretty dress...but just getting 2-3 good (FOCUSED) pics was beyond hard LOL.

The light was late afternoon cloudy light through the large living room window...so I had her very close to the window. Several of these still came out dark even after metering & adjusting in-camera, so I edited brightness/contrast and/or used curves.

These were with the 50mm lens set to f/2.2. Tell me did I use the right settings? or what would you have done differently?

1. SS 1/250, ISO 3200, too far from the window I think:

2. same SS & ISO as #1:

3. focus wasn't quite there in this one but I like it...same settings as #1 and #2:

4. by this semi-cheesy-face one I was done!; SS 1/200, ISO 3200

5. one more that was a bit soft.....SS 1/60, ISO 1600...I guess I messed up by trying to lower the ISO and thus being forced to lower my SS?

I really wish I could get more consistency with my shots, but I know doing this on a whim late in the day wasn't the best for getting good consistent light...and with a totally squirmy subject...

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Her skin looks different in all them...warm tone in #2, and cool and with a touch of greyness in some of the others. I love the catchlights you've caputured in all of them. I like #2 and #3 of the set. Shooting your own is crazy tough so i feel your tiredness Smile

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1. A little dark (so yes, a bit far from the window), but man do her eyes look GREAT! Focus looks good too.

2. what did you do differently here? just move her closer to the window? this looks really nice. especially her eyes again. I have to tell you ... I love how Barbie's hair matches her dress. Biggrin

3. sweet catch even w/ the focus on her nose instead of her yes. I like the composition here.

4. as far as cheesy grins go, this one isn't too bad! Is this one you lightened in photoshop? I see more noise and that could be due to pp.

5. yes, this one was a bit too low on the ss, so keeping the ISO higher would have helped. Looks like focus may have fell on her forehead/hair. I still like this one too. The bokeh is lovely and her expression is so sweet!

Good on you for trying even when the conditions (last minute, squirmy subject, etc) are tough!


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YAY for new Miss Eva pics!

1. This one doesn't look right to me. Her skin looks really, really pale and she doesn't look like she feels well. That might just be me though.
2. This one is one of my favs, but I think it might be a bit soft.
3 & 4. my favs! Even thought 3 is a bit soft- too stinking cute!
5. her face is a bit bright, but if you could tone that down, this one might just work! I love her expression!

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You're right that first one does look too weird compared to the rest....

These were all run thru Noiseware but #1 & 4 do still look noisy to me.

I see now that #3 is cooler than the others too.

I knew with having to use such high ISO I probably should have just waited till another day but oh well, these will be for just me & my Mommy goggles LOL

It might have helped with focusing if I'd bumped up the ap a tad more too....sigh....

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Don't be discouraged Amy. I think indoors- I SUCK. I (shame, shame I know) put mine on auto inside b/c when I do manual, the suck. I have been working on it lately though, but they are soooooo not post worthy. Keep it up!

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Thanks Sadie, I'm not--don't worry, just feel silly sometimes posting them when they've got so many problems...but then again that's exactly why we're here posting lol....and these aren't too shabby for an amateur I guess. I know I've done better though.

Good news is that I printed #2 from my photo printer at work and it looks great for a 4x6 on my desk! lol the color & focus look good considering.

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I think you already know what is wrong with these based on what you mentioned and the CC you already received. I agree about the noise. It gets harder in the fall/winter times because of the lighting indoors. You actually did good at getting her to look at the camera though- that is always impressive with a 3-year old! Biggrin lol

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I'm using IE to view instead of my usual Chrome ... I don't know if that makes a difference. But these seem soft to me. I hate saying that because her eyes themselves seem in focus, but there's something about them ... maybe it's the Noiseware that I'm seeing (which makes sense given your ISO)

1. The shadowed side of her face seems to be off with the color. Can't put my finger on exactly what's bugging me. Can you add fill light with your RAW editor? (Not sure what you use when you edit RAW files, I'm assuming you shoot in RAW, I can't remember now).

2. LOVE this one!!! Just very sweet. Her back eye seems to be a little softer than her front eye, but that's me being picky.

3. Cute! Shadow's bugging me here too. It almost looks like a bruise from where I'm sitting.

4. I love her sweet cheesy face. I think this is adorable! I'm seeing the noise here, but it also doesn't seem to have as much of the Noiseware soft factor as the others.

5. I think you could have bumped the SS to 1/80 and still have been okay. The whites of her left eye look magenta to me.

I think that overall your settings were fine, except the super high ISO. And I LOVE the outtake you posted in the Friday thread.

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I think they look nice, especially for what you were working with (light wise) I like #2 and 4, I wonder how these would look in b&w? Biggrin

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The shadow on her face is a bit harsh, IMO. I think these are cute nonetheless. I would warm them up. On most of the pictures, it looks a bit soft/OOF. Are you toggling your focus point?

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Thanks!! Wow I just went back and looked at my AF settings, and I guess I totally forgot about the fact that I had it set to "one shot" and "automatic selection" *big blush*. I WAS making sure it focused on her face when I was shooting, however (re-pressing halfway if needed), but really I should have had it set to "Al Servo" or "Al Focus", darnit.

It's been awhile since I worked with those and it completely did not occur to me to change them before shooting. I'd spent so many weeks/months just taking nature photos prior to this that I didn't notice.

Gwen, the shadows must be a little "off" because I did do some selective curve-ing on #1 and 4 on the darkest sides of the photos.

Lauren, I thought about doing some "conversion versions" and I think now that you said that, I think I will do some just for practice.

Thank you all for your great constructive comments. I can't wait to have another session OUTSIDE!! Smile

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Indoors = scary to me! I can't even attempt it yet Smile I'm not qualified to really give CC, but they do all look too soft, however #2 I really like. I like the warmth of it and the softness kind of adds to this one. The others look muddled (if that's even a word!). Still...very cute subject and a great job indoors late in the day!

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thank you!! I appreciate your comments! Smile

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Not much to add to the CC, I think you did great!

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i dont have much to add, just wanna say she is SO CUTE!! i love #2

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Thank you both so much! I printed #2 again at home as an 8x10 (for some reason it came out super-dark though on the right side) and hung it on my wall. I do love it.