wrestling shots

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wrestling shots

First time out with new camera. I tried only adding photos where you could not see the kids faces. I only brought my 50mm which was a bad idea cause the tournament was so crowded I felt like I needed to move back some in some shots but it was not possible. iso was 800 to 1000 in all I think that is why there is a little noise. Need to learn how to work with noise reduction inside camera.
With the lighting in the gym and the fast ss I needed, I had to bump up my iso. Could I have done anything to avoid that?

1. Not my son just another kid on his team. ss1/500 f/1.8

2.My son's coach watching my son and opponent while on a timeout. ss1/500 f/1.8

ss 1/400 f/2.8

ss 1/400 f/2.8

Tyson took 1st place winning every match

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Great shots! I'm so excited for my boys to be in sports in a few years. That's awesome your son got first in every match! Yahoo

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Congrats to your son on the 1st place! These all seem underexposed to me. You did a nice job freezing motion. Can't wait to see some more from you.

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first off ... CONGRATS to Tyson! Sounds like he is certainly in his element!

As you know, these are exactly the kind of photos I enjoy taking the most!

These shots are a little under exposed, but not terribly. And I have to tell you, your white balance looks pretty darn good! The gyms where they hold these competitions are never well lit and often throw some terrible yellow color casts.

I say bump up your ISO even more. Your camera can handle it and then there is always noise reduction software. You might want to download Noiseware. They have a free community edition that you can try out to see the results. your shutter speed and aperture values are pretty good for this kind of action. You *might* be able to slow it down a little bit to around 1/200, but I don't think I would advise going lower unless you want a bit of motion blur (I do this from time to time to show just how fast things are moving during match).

I've taken 2 of your photos and did just a basic levels/curves adjustment in photoshop and then I ran them through noiseware. You can do a lot more refined edits, but I'm short on time and I just wanted you to see how close you are to the clear photos for which you are aiming.

These are in a private gallery, but I can take them down if you like - just say the word.

If you are worried about being too close to the action with your 50mm, you might look into a 35mm lens. Like I was telling you, I take 95% of my judo pics with my 50mm. Eventually you learn how close to sit in order to get the best distance/angle to your shots. That is one of those things you just have to experience and get a personal feel for, I think. FYI ... I am usually right at the edge of the mat.

Have fun with these! And I hope Tyson continues to have great success on the mat!


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GiGi thankyou for those edits. I did go with a SS of 200 and tried 250 but it was too slow and I did get motion blur. I do want to try some like that once I get the hang of my camera. The thing is everytime he starts to wrestle I get nervous and my hands shake! I try to prevent it everytime but I can't. I think I might try to get some at practice when i'm not nervous and I can think.
I did think about bumping out the iso even more but wasn't sure about the noise. I will have to download noisewear for sure. (thanks, did not know about it)
I thought these were slightly underexposed but once I saw the edit I noticed how underexposed they were lol.(thanks Steph)

As for a lens I am getting the tamron 28-75mm 2.8 but have to wait a month or so after buying the camera. I'll tell dh that the wrestling and mma shots will come out better and it's just the lens Wink

Katie, atleast you have a few years to get everything down:) Hopefully your hands won't shake like mine:)

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Shooting sports is so difficult, you did good. Great edits Gigi.

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These are great and GiGis edits are amazing. CONGRATS too btw! He's doing great!

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"sadieruth" wrote:

These are great and GiGis edits are amazing. CONGRATS too btw! He's doing great!

Thanks Sadie, there was a time when I thought wrestling would never be possible for him. It was really hard for me to let him do it but I don't want him to feel any different than any other kid. Still, I get SO nervous everytime. At his first tournament ever he took 1st and I got all teary eyed. Everyone was like probably like geez lady you must have really wanted your kid to win. If they only knew. He wrestles this weekend at regionals!