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We took a trip to the Toronto Zoo yesterday and I took a few photos along the way...heres the elephants..I love there wrinkles are really wanted to focus in on them, but maybe the PP has taken away from that?

What do you think? To much PP??

BTW:This was just a quick play while sitting at work waiting to go home! :S It took me about 2 seconds to do.

Here are the settings

Camera: Nikon D80
Exposure: 0.002 sec (1/640)
Aperture: f/5.3
Focal Length: 250 mm
ISO Speed: 100

And the original

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I like the SOOC better than the edit. In the edit, you darkened the shadows to the point that his eye is very dark. You can see his eyelashes in the SOOC but can't anymore in the edit.

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very cool! I'd dial down the opacity of your edit layer and maybe mask the eyelashes back in. but I dig it. Smile

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i like the sooc better than the edit too. the wrinkles (which you're trying to focus on) show up better in the sooc becuz there's more of Mr. Elephant to see. They're great looking creatures...I love the zoo Smile

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man I'm drooling over how close you got with your lens. I was there today and didn't get anything nearly as good (except Evan and his cookie treat on the way home haha)

no help with edit but I agree I can see more detail in the sooc