Yay for CS4 and some recommndations!

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Yay for CS4 and some recommndations!

After my 30 day free trial of CS4, I am addicted! So as a Christmas present to myself I am getting it, either today or tomorrow. Yay!!
Can anyone recommend a good place to find tutorials or even a good book on CS4? I just barely started learning about layers and masking in my trial and I know there is sooo much more I can do with the program and I would love to learn.
Also, I see you ladies post about ILP all the time. Is that just for people who aspire to be professional or just for anyone with an interest in photography? Do you think I might learn some new things over there, or would it be worth my time to check it out?
TIA for the help ladies!

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Get Scott Kelby's book for CS4. I have his Elements 7 book (because that's what I use) and it's awesome!!!!! He's an excellent instructor. Wink

And ILP is great for anyone wanting to improve their photography. Great tutorials over there, a PLETHORA of information. I can spend hours there just reading.

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i recently bought Kelby's CS4 for digital photographers book, haven't read as much as i'd like. Also video podcasts are great for me to learn (bunch of free ones on itunes)