yay! I made a fake background :0)

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yay! I made a fake background :0)

I really wanted to take Alana's pictures myself in her costume but I wanted a studio type look, and I kept going back and forth about just going to sears, but I decided to try it myself.

cons: I shot at 640, about 5pm, in my living room with all the windows open, half of my apartment is all windows, so lots of light, but there is still a ton of grain. boohoo, not sure if it will look okay printed, but I only want to print 4x6, can anyone help me with that?

also Alana was not happy with putting her outfit on, I can't believe I even got this, I'll have to share some of the outtakes, the cheese in her hand was the only way she would stay in frame and not cry

okay and so about the background, that is my carpet of course, but the board is a painted drywall panel we have in our living room, since we are not aloud to paint, so we moved the couch, and then bought a piece of molding, clamped it to the bottom of the board and voila! we have a sorta ghetto mini studio. Blum 3

also if you could please comment on anything that may need fixing before I print, oh and also, what is the best print lab, that you don't have to mail, I always hear Costco, but I don't have a membership, but will get one if needed :0) I want to print and mail these like yesterday

here is a larger version, nothing done for web, maybe you can see the grain more

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yeah, a bit of grain, but it looks okay. I am not fond of the carpet, but it looks good. I made a mini ghetto studio too this weekend! Wink

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The set up looks good, but I agree, wood floors would look nicer. I see the grain in the larger version - it looks soft too. What were your settings?

Oh, and she is adorable! I LOVE her costume!

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i love your little set up Smile really cute. the carpet doesn't bother me much though. what were your settings? It just looks out of focus to me. The grain doesn't bother me much actually. its really cute regardless though!

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What a precious pic, love the outfit! I agree it would look better with wood floor or one of those bamboo mats. I can also see if it a little soft, apart from the grain.

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It does look a little soft to me too. Would sharpening it up a bit more make the 'fur' weird? I'd try it though. I don't mind the carpet at all. Love'n the 'studio' Smile

ADORABLE!! I love her face.

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thanks for all the input! I'm not surprised that it looks a little soft or oof, I was snapping quick, this was the only 30 secs she wasn't crying about trying to take the hood off. Blum 3

and wood floor would have been awesome, I didn't plan well enough to get that, this was kinda spur of the moment, hopefully in the future Smile

I thought I put the settings, I know I used iso 640, which in hind sight I probably could of dropped to 400, F 2.0 and ss 225 I believe.

I had someone play and run it through noiseware and sharpen it and it looked pretty good, I may try that way, but I don't have noiseware....

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there's a free community version of noiseware, that's what I use. works really well!

she's adorable in her costume! I definitely want to see some outtakes! do try sharpening to see if you can make her a little less soft. but if you're printing 4x6, removing the noise will probably be all you need to do.

I like that you used drywall. I use fabric, and it is such a pain! I can't wait until I can use paper (need to have hardwood floors first, can't use paper on carpet).

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As far as all the technical stuff.... well I don't care because that is one of the cutest photos I have ever ever seen. I hope you can print it without too much problems at the size you want.

LOVE IT......... high ISO and all Biggrin

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I don't have any other cc to add that isn't already here, just wanted to say way to go on making your own background. She is ADORABLE in that costume. This is a great pic.

"coolmama72" wrote:

there's a free community version of noiseware, that's what I use. works really well!

Where do we get this?? Smile