Yay or Nay?

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Yay or Nay?

Does this work or no? I was kind of trying new (for me) things at our very small ILP meet up last night.

I realize that it would have been good to have all of her shadow but it was really long so I didn't get it. Sad


ETA: It also looks slightly lighter in ps than here and on flickr. I wonder if this is more firefox issues?

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I like how the light is only outlining her figure. I also like the sunflare. I am not loving the location for a shot like this. It might just be me and my personal taste too. Did you add the sunflare spots at the bottom of the frame in ps? love them!!

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Nice!! I'd crop the shadow out and bring her closer in.

Colours are lovely!

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I love the flare and what you have done - but it looks underexposed here. I would brighten it and add contrast.

It would have looked even nicer in a field - but I can't say yea or nay until I can see it changed. Beautiful flares girl!

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I agree it would have been nicer in a field!

I actually brought the exposure down in ACR so it was easy to bring it back up. Here it is with the original exposure. And Cazz's crop suggestion which I like better.


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Flare is good. I just wish the background (trees) are a bit more darker. So that the subject stands out a bit more. Great job otherwise.

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Thanks everyone! I think that now I know how to get this shot when the setting is better.

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I think that your 2nd edit is quite an improvement. I love the sun flare!