Yay, spot metering! (and just sharing a pic)

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Yay, spot metering! (and just sharing a pic)

I only recently learned about spot metering and it has helped me infinitely with things like properly exposing people's faces in harsh lighting situations. Since I learned about it, I've been amazed that I had left my camera in Evaluative Metering mode for so long... And finally understood why the exposure was off on some of my photos.

Anyway, today the Goodyear Blimp flew over my house and I took this picture. I like it because I don't think I ever would've gotten it right without learning about spot metering. It was so bright outside and I probably would have had crazy blown out sky or super dark blimp or something. ...Or it would've taken me 50 shots to get it right. Wink So anyway, just another reason I'm happy to have recently learned about spot metering.

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I still don't understand it !!! I would have not gotten this shot...I always have a blown sky!

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Great shot! It makes sense to me, but I still end up blowing something or getting part of the pic too dark. So great job!