a year of "people photography" for me (very pic heavy)

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a year of "people photography" for me (very pic heavy)

OK, it's been a year of seriously trying to learn "people photography" for me. So I thought I'd post kind of a "progress" thread even though I haven't really had a ton of practice yet with anyone except Eva!

I started getting really into it after doing Eva's Christmas photos last year (I shot them in mid-November). That was before I had a DSLR so it was with my p&s Fuji S5100, but it was set to manual for most of the time (the S5100 has full manual capabilities). Unfortunately I used flash for some of them though Sad I knew nothing about portrait photography at the time, but it sure was fun doing the shots that I wanted to do, and I still love these pics even now! LOL

My main interest was getting the glowing Christmas lights into the shot with Eva at the same time.

After doing her Christmas photos last year, I started to come to this forum regularly and then started to post after Christmas, when my DH had surprised me with the Canon T1i! I was so excited and inspired by everyone's beautiful portrait work here that I started to really try it with Eva.

So here are a few progressing photos from the past 12 months...

CHRISTMAS 2009: lots of foot chops! lol
1. ugh! my SS was too slow when I was trying to get the tree to look really good lol


3. I was just happy to get Eva looking at me AND with a nice pose!! heheh

4. didn't really know about proper use of backdrops...


2010, studying how to use my SLR and take better people shots...

1-2-3. February 2010, my first attempt at a "photoshoot" with my Canon...

4-5-6-7. February/March 2010, just practicing as much as I can, outdoors for the good light! thanks to inspiration & wealth of info. from this forum. (and back when Eva actually LET me take lots of pics of her!)

8-9-10-11. March/April 2010, practice practice, what else can I say....

ugh, weird color going on here, but I loved the pose....

my first really successful conversion...

12-13. my first set with my 50mm 1.8 lens!! (April 2010)

14. another from April 2010

15-16-17-18. May 2010
this was natural light only, so I'm not sure why the catchlights look like pinlights? too close to the window maybe?

yay another person in the pic! LOL

19-20. August 2010

21. September 2010 still a lot to learn....

22-23-24. October 2010, not my best work, but Eva rarely lets me practice anymore so this is all I've got :/

Well if you read all of this, thanks for letting me share my "Year in Photos"!!!! Smile

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a great year of progress! you started off on pretty firm ground and have only gained as the year has passed by.

thanks for sharing!!!! I always find it inspirational!


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you have improved! Smile but i love that Christmas shot of her! #3 .. thanks for sharing! Smile

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Awesome improvement, but I agree that the first shots from your point and shoot are still precious. What a big difference the 50mm made for you too.

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Wow, I had no idea you have only been practicing "people photography" for a year! I remember that one with Eva on the green slide from when I first started lurking here. I thought it was so cute (and I still do! Lol I think you have made lots of progress in one year. I hope I can progress as much as you have!

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I envy all you ladies with DSLR's.

You got some great christmas pictures early on, I love seeing how you progressed. I hope to see a comparison of last years and this year's christmas photos.

Love #17 of her in the grass winking.

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Great progression! Keep at it!

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I loved seeing the progress, Amy. Thanks for sharing them!

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LOVE progression threads whether they are nature, people, or whatever!


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Amy, I loved going through these!!! Definitely see improvement, in both you and Eva's posing. Wink

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Thanks everyone!! someone noticed the "winking" in one shot...yes you might see a lot of Eva pics with a "winking" eye....but that's because in brighter light, her left eye is MUCH more sensitive due to the fact that she has no natural lens in that eye, and wears a contact in it instead. She's had that since she was 3 months old.

Well I have had so much fun and education here at this forum and I hope we can all continue it for a long long time. Amanda, I definitely plan to do some Christmas photos again this year, and I can't wait to see how it goes...I just need to think of some new ideas for it.

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What a great job!!! And a quick progression in one year, wow! Can't wait to see more of what you do Smile

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wow, great progress, thanks for sharing, its alwasy fun to see these posts