Yet another shoot (CC please)
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Thread: Yet another shoot (CC please)

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    Default Yet another shoot (CC please)

    If I am posting too much, please, please say so. I feel guilty, but I love the CC and plus, looking at them here, helps me get a second look. So, if you have time and are willing- please CC. I have my big girl pants on.

    This one was for a co-worker. I am competing against a good photographer in the area, and I feel like I failed. I got some keepers, but the lady who usually does hers is quite a bit better......

    ALL ISO-400, except for #4
    1. 1/400, f/4.0

    3-5x7b&wweb by sadiequalls, on Flickr

    2. They really wanted a fam photo, and I am saddened by what I got. Big sis is looking uncomfortable and well, both sisters are....
    1/400, f/4.0

    fam2-5x7web by sadiequalls, on Flickr

    3. 1/640, f/4.5 (should have opened up more....)

    j4-8x10-closeupweb by sadiequalls, on Flickr

    4. 1/320, f/4.0, ISO-640

    sisters5x7web by sadiequalls, on Flickr

    5. 1/250, f/3.2

    k3b&wweb by sadiequalls, on Flickr

    6. 1/125, f/3.5

    z3-5x7wweb by sadiequalls, on Flickr
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    I think they look pretty great!!! I seriously ADORE #5, that looks sooooooo good Sadie!!! Everything about it.

    I agree the sisters look awkward in the fam photo but otherwise it's good! that little boy sure does like to use his mouth doesn't he lol!

    In #1 the right side is very dark. But that's my 2nd fave photo!!

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    These are really nice Sadie.

    Here are my ccs:

    1 - very nice. wish the little girl was looking but I know how that goes. The big kid, looks a bit dark - brighten that side up a bit.

    2 - looks good. but crop is a bit tight.

    3 - Looks nice - again wish he was looking, but you've captured a cute expression nonetheless.

    4 - again crop is too tight, you cropped off their knees, color looks nice - need to pop it a bit.

    5 - cute - conversion is not working for me

    6 - my fav - looks nice, comp, color, etc.
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    I agree about #1. Right side looks a bit dark. #5 is really cute! conversion is nice. Maybe a little more contrast would be good.
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    I think you did a nice job!

    #1 camera right side of big sis face is a bit dark.
    #2 I probably would have gotten Mom and Dad to kneel down. That way there isn't so much 'blank' space between the girls and parents.
    #3 Cute, but I'd find a different way to crop this one. My eye keeps going to the puff ball on the hat instead of the boy.
    #4 Love their smiles! But, not thrilled with the crop. I'd probably crop it tighter if you didn't get their whole bodies in the shot.
    #5 Very cute
    #6 I like the crop!
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    I think they are good overall!

    1 - love it, but wish the older sister weren't so dark
    2 - love the background colors, but wish there wasn't so much space between the mom and dad and girls
    3 - 6 love all of them....the crop on 5 is a bit tight, but not bad!
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    Ok, I took all of your advice, and I willd o my best to upload them tomorrow.

    1- I did *try* to fix her face on #1. I can't do the best job b/c I suck at editing, but I will share.

    2- I have a different family pic that I will share as well. They are all together on a blanket, but the youngest aren't looking, but they are laughing. Dad's face has some dappled light, but it is better than the one I posted.

    3- I have no clue why I shared that crop...geez. I have a better one and I will share it now since it is in my flickr. Is this one better? Too centered?

    j4-5x7 by sadiequalls, on Flickr

    4- It was crooked, so I had to straighten it which lost most of my room on the sides, but I did find another one where I could keep their legs.

    5- still wasn't sold on the conversion, I'll try again.

    Thanks ladies. I really like getting feedback b/c it makes me take another look. I hope I can fix all these!
    Sadie- mommy to Ruthie & Randy
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