Are You Left or Right Eyed?

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Are You Left or Right Eyed?

I noticed that I hold the camera quite differently from everyone I know; I always look through the viewfinder with my left eye. I just stumbled upon this article (A Neat Trick To Determine Your Dominant Eye | and found that, yep, I truly am left-eyed. So which of your eyes is the dominant one? Are you looking through the viewfinder with your correct eye?

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That was cool! I'm left eyed dominant. I'm right handed though.

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I'm a lefty too. And I am left dominate according to this test. Very interesting!

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So interesting! I'm definitely right-eye dominant, which I would've figured anyway, but what a neat trick to find out for sure!

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Steph, I'm left-eyed and right-handed too! I think that's called cross-dominance. I'm glad you all think this is as intriguing as I do Biggrin

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Right eye dominant and anti-dexterous (can't use either hand well), right handed actually.

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I didn't get conclusive results. It moved depending on which eye I closed. I tend to use my right eye to look through viewfinder but do sometimes use my left.

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I already know I am right-eye dominant but that test didn't work for me. The doorknob "moves away" for each closed eye. Which makes sense anyway.
BUT I cannot even close my right eye by itself without the left eye trying to shut/to look with my left eye only---I have to use my hand to shut my right eye only! Lol I can only wink my left eye.

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Shadow_grey, sounds like you might be ambidextrous-eyed!

Amy, I have trouble winking too. I squint pretty badly with my open eye, regardless of which one I'm trying to close Lol

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That was cool!! I am an eye lefty too. Wink

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For my fellow lefties....[video=youtube;EDsx3-FWfwk][/video]

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I once learned this in hunters ed! I too thought it was pretty nifty! Smile

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Man...this is SO weird! I can switch it. I can feel myself choosing one eye or the other when both eyes are open. I tried it 6 or 7 times and it kept alternating. I'll bet you it has something to do with which side of your brain you're using when you do the test!

That said...I always use my right eye when shooting.