Zane's Birthday, Vasa Praevia & Thank You

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Zane's Birthday, Vasa Praevia & Thank You

Dear Friends,

Yesterday would have been Zane's 3rd birthday, had he lived past this day three years ago. Scott and i miss him just as much now as we did immediately following his death. There will always be a hole in our lives, and we will never get over his loss.

The sad thing is that Vasa Praevia affects around 555 babies in the UK every single year. In comparison, cot death affects 300 babies every year. There are 255 MORE babies affected by Vasa Praevia than cot death, yet virtually no one has heard of this condition. I know we hadn't until three months after our baby died from it.

What is even sadder? The condition doesn't have to be fatal. Every hospital across the UK already has the equipment needed to diagnose Vasa Praevia in pregnant women. They just don't use it for this.

Undiagnosed Vasa Praevia kills 95% of the babies affected. With a diagnosis and correct management ALL babies survive.

Knowledge is key. Knowledge of this condition and confidence in pushing for a diagnosis and then pushing for correct management is what will save lives.

Can you help? YES! Firstly, and most importantly you must spread the word. If you know any woman who is pregnant or planning to become pregnant tell her about this. There is a wealth of information at

As well as that please consider a donation to Vasa Praevia, Raising Awareness via Zane's memorial Just Giving page:

We have raised £230 so far in honour of his third birthday!! Thank you so so so so much to everyone who has already donated. It means so much to us that you support us and support this charity.

If there is someone here who doesn't know Zane's story please check out this link to the 2006 archive of my blog:

Thanks again. xxxxx

(link to donations page approved by MissyJ - also it does accept donations from outside the UK provided you have a credit/debit card)

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Happy 3rd Birthday, Zane.

Sarah, I think of Zane every day. I will continue to tell every pregnant woman I know about Vasa Praevia, and hopefully someday soon it will be a mandatory part of the ultrasound/screening process. Thanks again for sharing your are amazing!

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Happy 3rd birthday Zane!!!

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Happy 3rd Birthday Angel Zane!

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Happy 3rd Birthday Zane!

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Happy 3rd birthday sweetheart.

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Happy 3rd Birthday Zane! I read thru your blog, even tho I read it when it happened. It was very moving and I cried again like I did the first time I read it. I love the poem you had at the end. I had a miscarraige at 14w about the time you were having Zane, so that poem means alot to me as well. Thank you for sharing your story with us.