~Family Session~

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~Family Session~

Yesterday my sweet family friends came from out of town for a photo session in down town Salem. We had so much fun taking pictures and laughing! I wanted to share this beautiful family with everyone. Thanks for looking.

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A lovely family!

Side note: You may get more feedback if you specify "just a share" or "looking for CC"

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Nice set! I really like your technique and the use of contrast. The sparkly bokeh in the last photo is pretty, too.

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I'm not sure how much feed back you want, so I'll keep my comments kind of general.

Let me know if you want anything different.

You're right ... this is a truly beautiful family! And on top of that, downtown Salem seems to be a really cool place to shoot!

My favorite of this set is #1. I love the idea of it with mom and dad in the background and the kids up front. I love the dappled light. I know it's hard to shoot in and I know a lot of photogs don't like it. But I love the effect it creates for you here. I love the mood it sets. It seems perfect for this kind of shot.

I'll bet your friends really ADORE these photos!


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I would love any feed back you can give. I love hearing what I can do different or what I should have done, helps me grow! Smile Also editing tips...c/c away please.

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That is a lovely family. I am still a newbie, so you can ignore me if you want! Wink

1) I love the idea here. I think the two girls are in focus, but the boy is OOF.
2) the dappled light is a bit much here. Maybe crop a bit closer. I like the look you were going for though.
3) LOVE the barefoot, blue jeans and white shirts. I like this idea too! I think the dad and little girl seem a bit OOF.

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I love the light & bokeh but the 1st two pics look almost all OOF to me, except maybe the ferns & bricks; the other two have at least 1 area where I do see focus. But I'm thinking in the 1st two pics the processing was an intentional softening? I love the lighting on the porch photo! at least 2 of the family appear to have pin lights, but I'm not 100% sure. My fave pic is the last one, I Love the bokeh, wow!