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I want another baby, but we can't afford it right now.


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So? Sorry but if you start listing reasons not to have another little one you never will, or you'll wait many years like me. Think everything through, if you think you can manage with less or budget to provide for another then I say go for it. If not wait it out and see.

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:bighug: that must be tough. I hope you can figure something out so you can make room for another little one.

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My BFF is in the same predicament. :bighug: I agree with Amanda, there's never a PERFECT time to have a baby. But like my BFF says, there is a SMARTER time to try for a baby. It's breaking her heart that she can't TTC right now.

Sending you T&Ps.

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I'm so sorry!

:bigarmhug: :confused:

But I do agree with Amanda and Laura!

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yea, now's not a smart time. I'm about to start grad school, we're currently waayy in over our heads in debt...and did I mention, we live with my mother? We can't even afford to live on our own right now. I keep having dreams that I'm pregnant with a little girl. I know i'm not, but that's what I want. *sigh* Ok, enough of this pity party!