3 months (pic heavy, XP)

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3 months (pic heavy, XP)

Since Oliver's just about 3 months, here are some recent pics! (warning: nursing pic)

little Linus

big blue eyes

awesome hair

he's such a happy boy

taking a nap after some milk

snack time

with his biggest brother

all together

and the big boys

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Love the pics, TFS! It reminds me... I need to take more pics of my boys together! It's soooo hard to get Sean to hold still long enough to get them together, but those are my favorite pics. Smile

ETA - I love the mohawk, hahaha!

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I just love pictures with all your boys together. They all have similar qualities but look different, KWIM? But they are definitely all quite studly Smile TFS can't believe how quick Oliver is growing!

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Such amazing pictures! I just love all those boys together! Melts your heart.

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I look at three little boys like that and think I'd be just thrilled to have a trio nearly as adorable! Great pictures, the three of them together are so fun, definitely no arguing that they are brothers but they do each have their own look Smile

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Ahh, so sweet! Oliver's eyes are gorgeous! But then again, all your boys are quite adorable! I love the pictures of all of them together!

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They are so, so cute Virginia! I love the mohawk! So awesome!! Biggrin


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Beyond adorable! Thanks for sharing


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He is adorable, the boys are looking so much alike.

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how cute!!! I LOVE his hair!!!!!!