8 week belly pic

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8 week belly pic


My belly really popped over night. I'm glad I told everyone at work yesterday because there was NO hiding this:

Crazy right?


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You look great. At leats you can skip the "fat or pregnant" stage. Wink
How was your u/s?

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Ultrasound went great. Saw and heard the heartbeat. Baby measured a week small, but so did Luke and he came out 8lb, 11oz on his due date, so I'm not worried. I would post pictures but they really didn't come out so great.


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Too cute! Glad your u/s went well Smile

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BELLY PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! Just what I needed! Lookin' good momma!

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Lookin' good, Cari! Glad your u/s went well!! Biggrin

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Glad the u/s went well! Smile

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Cute belly! Can't even tell u already have one kid!