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Add me to Team... (XP)


I know I've been MIA, I've just been lazy about posting! I keep up and read, though! Thought I'd drop in and let you know the results of our ultrasound today! Smile I'm super excited -- I think brothers will be so fun!

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WELCOME TO THE BROTHERS CLUB!!!! Having 2 (or 3 if you're Virginia) little boys is wonderful! CONGRATS Smile And you're half way there when the heck did THAT happen?! AMAZING Smile

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YAY!!! OMG, I second Katie on this one... It is SO much fun with two little boys. I swear ours are more and more fun together every day, now that Calvin can walk, throw a ball, play with toys, etc. You'll have so much fun!! Smile P.S. Ultrasound pics???

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Yay! Congratulations on your little BOY!!

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I saw this on Facebook.


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Yay for another boy! Brothers sure are fun. Smile

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Congratulations! Biggrin That's so exciting!

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Yay congrats!! Im so happy for you!!

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Congrats Jen! Smile