The adventures of the incredible growing/shrinking belly.

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The adventures of the incredible growing/shrinking belly.

My belly went away. I'm freaking out. I know that to have the original giant belly so quickly, so early was really just gas and bloat, but now I'm nervous. I'm as small as I've been this entire pregnancy. I don't even feel that little bulge anymore. Should I be worried, or is it just over protective mommy acting up? Here are the pics to compare:

8 weeks, 1 day vs. 8 weeks, 5 days


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I'd guess it was just gas/bloating. By the "little bulge" do you mean you were already feeling your uterus? Because I'm pretty sure it can get pushed up by a full bladder (maybe gas an bloating, too) and then pop back down. (I'm trying to remember back almost a year.)
If you're really worried, call the doctor. Good luck.

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Ditto to what Virginia said about your bladder affecting your uterus plus add in random bloating and you get crazy belly! Honestly, don't stress it too much. Smile

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I would agree with Virginia too. I was never able to feel my uterus above my pubic bone until a good 12 weeks. So I wouldn't stress too much if it's hit or miss right now.

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Any new belly pics?!?